As a Cast Member and guest that frequently goes to the parks, we all know how busy Disney is pretty much year round. Yes, they have sometimes where the parks aren't as busy but most of the times they are filled with vacationers, pass holders, and locals.

Most people who are interested in Disney know that they are big into celebrating the Holidays! As they should be though since many people come to Disney around the holidays. It's a special place to make memories with your family and still get to enjoy the holiday season.

Before working for this wonderful company, I had visited here a few times. I knew that it gets very busy and cast members work hard to make sure all of the guests are happy. I never tried to be a difficult guest but go with the flow and always be thankful for all of the services I had received while vacationing at Walt Disney World.

For myself and many others, we understand the hard work that cast members put into their job and how hard they work to make sure things run smoothly and everyone is happy. But for other guests, that's not always the case. People spend thousands of dollars to vacation at Disney so they want 110% service everywhere they go. They want a perfect trip, which I completely understand.

I understand that when you pay a lot of money to go somewhere you want everything to run and go smoothly and it to be the best trip of your life without any issues, but unfortunately, that cannot always be the case. Life isn't perfect and neither will your vacation be. Please do not take it out on cast members who are doing their best at this busy time of year.

Cast members continuously work long hours each and every day to make sure that all locations are fully stocked with enough people to make everything run smoothly. They try and make sure all guests are happy and enjoying their trip and loving each and every day. In order to do so, they need to receive respect back from the guests.

I can guarantee that they are doing their best to get everyone's food to them as quickly as possible or make sure the lines for the attractions go quickly so people aren't spending hours in line for one ride. As cast members, our job is to make magic and have you enjoy your trip. It's hard on us when people yell at us for something that is completely out of our control.

My advice to those traveling to Disney during the holidays is to take some time to talk to the cast members you interact with. Ask them how they are doing and thank them! Even something as small as telling them Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas will make their day great. Trust me! I know the parks get busy but be patient with us and you will have a magical trip!!