So I've never watched a season of "The Bachelor" before, and it's probably a good thing because I have quickly become obsessed with the show and deeply emotionally invested. There have been girls that have come and gone and some were unexpected losses and others you knew from the beginning, and sometimes he kept a girl around for a little too long. Yet, since the first episode, there has been one girl that has stood out and every episode continues to show me that she is the girl for Colton, and I believe she should win, is going to win, and that there are no other options.

This girl is Cassie.

Cassie has always been one of the nicest girls. Of course all of them experience jealousy and struggle to see other girls dating the boys they like, but throughout the season Cassie has been genuinely nice to the other girls and even within her jealousy has managed to be supportive in the best ways and has never been caddy or been undeservingly rude to any of the other girls.

She is naturally beautiful inside and out. Throughout the season Cassie has always managed to look like herself and be beautiful with or without makeup. She is naturally gorgeous and seems to glow. This glow, I believe, comes from her sweet-natured heart and caring nature for others. She is a Speech Pathologist who wants to help others in any way possible and just wants to do good. And her love for others shines on the outside. And she is genuine in everything she does.

She and Colton have a very strong relationship. From amazing chemistry throughout the season, to a sweet one-on-one, to the last episode with difficult confrontations, Colton and she have endured. It can be hard to have a deep relationship with someone you don't spend a ton of time with and who goes on other dates with girls, however, Colton and Cassie have a clearly intimate relationship that they both feel very confident in. They both have repeatedly stated that they have great chemistry, and in the last episode, Colton said in his gut he knew how he felt about Cassie and could see a future with her.

Obviously, there are five more weeks left and there is a lot of drama. But, I believe that Cassie should and will win "The Bachelor" and simply put, I am here for it (and if he won't marry her, I will ;)).