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3 Reasons Casper The Ghost Would Be The Perfect Death-Long Friend

Their friendship, especially from the character of Casper the Ghost, has shown me the best traits of a friend could ever have.


The 1995 film directed by Brad Silberling, "Casper," depicts a girl named Kat who befriends a ghost named Casper. Their friendship, especially from the character of Casper the Ghost, has shown me the best traits of a friend could ever have. Here are three reasons why Casper is one of the best pals to have.

1. He's a friend-welcoming ghost

One of the things that people are still shy about is making friends. Casper, who tries to get friends couldn't because of his ghost uncles who scare people away, but this does not stop Casper to continue to find friends to make. Casper still acts his age as a kid. He takes his friend to any place that has great views such as the sea view from the lighthouse that he took Kat to in the film. In addition, Casper will also make breakfast for a friend to make them feel comfortable like he did for Kat and her father. Not only just make breakfast, but Casper can also clean up the place which he does for Kat and her father when his uncles are making a mess as they eat their breakfast.

2. He's a friend protector ghost

Casper will make sure a friend should not be mistreated. For example, from the film, Casper makes Kat's classmates fall on the floor by tying their shoelaces together because they are being mean to Kat. Moreover, Casper quickly comes to the rescue which is shown that he comes to Kat's rescue after she becomes stuck in a closet because of his uncles. This is one of the greatest qualities of a friend to have. Also, a friend who stands up for you and comes to you when you need help is a very rare friend indeed to have and should be a forever kept friend.

3. He's a very considerate ghost

Casper shows his care for a friend through his consideration. This means that he always puts his friend first before himself. From the film, Kat's father becomes a ghost which makes Kat very upset so Casper has decided to give the machine that could make him human to Kat's father. Therefore, Kat's father returns back as a human from the machine that seems to only work once and reunites with Kat again. Although Casper does not become human, he makes Kat happy again. Moreover, his decision to help Kat and her father is paid off by Kat's mom who is an angel, by transforming Casper to be a human boy until the stroke of 10.

During the time before the stroke of 10, Casper comes to Kat who is sitting alone in the party and dances with her. Although Casper has romantic feelings towards Kat, he still would not leave his friend sitting in a corner by themselves during a party. Casper will make sure that his friend will have the best time and joy during the party.

The classic 1995 film, "Casper" is recommended to watch because of the character, Casper!

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