10 Things Only Retail Cashiers Understand:

Whenever you suddenly are the new "bartender"

"I'm getting a divorce, all my children are brats and I just hate everyone." "Yeah that sucks. Anyways, that'll be $8.97."

Sweaty Boob/ Butt Money

Why. Would. You. Do. This.

Unexpected Responsibility.

"can you watch my kids while I run back for ONE thing?"

15 minutes later and I'm wondering if I should now adopt them as my own

Getting to work with your work-bff

That one coworker that just makes the shift a little better

Whenever that one customer yells at you for some unknown reason

Of course you can take it out on me just because I'm in a uniform, the customer is ALWAYS right ;)

"Can you stay an extra hour?"

Do I need the money? Yes but I also need to finish watching The Office for the 3rd time.

Seeing you're favorite customer roll through

Favorite old lady ever.

10 Hour Shifts

My feet are currently screaming.

Someone coming in 1 minute before closing time


Running to finally clock out

Your shift is finally over. Now on to tomorrows.