10 Important Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Casey Anthony Was Guilty
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10 Important Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Casey Anthony Was Guilty

"She never seemed to have any remorse."

10 Important Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Casey Anthony Was Guilty

In honor of my fascination with criminal cases, unsolved murders, and conspiracy theories, I decided to re-examine the Casey Anthony case, in its entirety. There are too many facts to include in one place, but I brought to light the ones I can't forget. This read will be perfect for those who either don't know who Casey is, forgot some key points, or by those who can't unsee this woman's face and hate it more and more every time you see it.

Let's dig in.

For most of us mothers, our children are our life. Their happiness and comfort come first, and it's automatic. We would lay down our lives for them. If anything happened to them, the tears wouldn't ever seem to stop.

For Casey Anthony, this was the opposite.

You all remember her, right? The mother who murdered her little girl, and walked free. Our generation's OJ Simpson.

In case you don't remember all of the details, let me refresh your memory and give you some background.

In 2008, 2-year-old Caylee Anthony lived with her mother Casey, and her grandparents George and Cindy Anthony in Orlando, Florida. Her father was not in the picture, his identity is unknown by Casey's parents and most likely Casey herself.

I say this because Casey Anthony was a frequent partier. If you entered a bar or nightclub, you would most likely find Casey, grinding up on any man or woman who was around. With a drink in hand and smiling for the camera, Casey did not look like a typical mother of a toddler.

It was about to become apparent how committed to the partying lifestyle she really was.

June 16, 2008, Caylee leaves her grandparents' home with her mother Casey. Casey tells her parents that she is taking Caylee with her for a week to travel between jobs in Jacksonville and Tampa. When Cindy asks Casey to see her and Caylee, this "trip" was always extended, for reasons that made sense at the time to Cindy. Little did she and George know, that June 16th was the last time they would see their granddaughter.

Two weeks later, Casey's car was towed, and something wasn't right. Casey's father George was a former deputy sheriff who immediately recognized the smell of human decomposition in the car (source here). Cindy and George Anthony frequently ask where their granddaughter was, with Casey always claiming she was with her nanny, Zenaida "Zanny" Gonzalez. Cindy asks to go to "Zanny's" apartment to see Caylee, but Casey always had an excuse.

Cindy later discovers that Casey's jobs didn't exist, and she was actually living in Orlando with her boyfriend. And that is when Casey finally admits the truth-Caylee had been missing for 31 days (source here).

Casey claimed she left Caylee with her nanny and had not seen her in a month. She surmises that Zanny the nanny kidnapped Caylee. Cindy, finally having had enough of Casey's changing stories, calls 911 to report Caylee missing. She tells the operator it smelled like there had been a dead body in her daughter's car. When asked by 911 dispatchers and police why she had not reported her daughter missing for so long, Casey calmly stated she had tried to look for Caylee herself (source here).

Casey was later arrested in connection to her daughter's disappearance. A further investigation into Casey's many lies found that Zanny the nanny never existed, and the actual Zenaida Gonzalez claimed that she never met Casey or her parents. Casey did not work at Universal Studios, she had actually been fired years prior. She was not frantically searching for Caylee. During the time her daughter was missing, Casey was doing the one and only thing she loved-partying. She also got a tattoo during this time-"Bella Vita" which is Italian for "beautiful life."

This was not the concerned actions of a mother whose toddler was missing. This was not a sad woman, desperate to find her child. This was a woman who knew where her daughter was and was happy she did not have any more responsibilities.

Little Caylee's skeletal remains were discovered on December 11, 2008, wrapped in a blanket and stuffed in a trash bag, in a wooded area close to the Anthony home. Duct tape was also found along with the remains. The prosecution claimed that Casey must have suffocated Caylee by placing the duct tape over her mouth and nose. The defense, however, shared the opinion of a forensic pathologist, who stated that the duct tape was placed on Caylee after she was already dead (source here). A definitive cause of death was never known, as her body was badly decomposed by the time it was found.

As you previously read, you can guess that I do not believe that Casey is innocent. Not by a long shot. I will go to my grave believing that she killed her daughter. And yet, she was acquitted on July 5, 2011. She was found not guilty of murdering Caylee, however, she was charged for lying to police. She was sentenced to one year but was released within a month for time served (source here).

She deserved to rot in her cell for life.

If what I have already pointed out isn't enough to show that, here are 10 more noteworthy facts and evidence from the case that will surely convince you.

​1. George and Cindy's Jail Visits to Casey.

After her arrest, she never truly seemed concerned about where her daughter was. I didn't see a sense of urgency in those jail phone videos speaking with her parents. It seems she asks questions about certain parts of the investigation because cameras are rolling.

She even looks uncomfortable when Caylee is brought up and tries to steer the conversation away from her daughter. She seemed more pissed that she was in prison than that "someone" took her daughter. When you watch the videos of her talking to her parents, she seems mostly concerned about herself. She also occasionally laughs during the conversations. Her daughter had been missing for a month. Why is she laughing? (Jail visit video here).

​2. The detective who supervised the Casey Anthony case stated that she showed no remorse.

Detective John Allen stated that Casey was different from most parents with missing children (yeah, no kidding). As he sat with her, while another detective filled out her arrest paperwork, most of the conversation was all about her. She was not worried or concerned about finding her daughter. She talked about wanting to become a personal trainer. It was the Casey Anthony show, from start to finish (source here).

​3. Friends of Casey never even knew Caylee was missing.

Not only did Casey not mention this, but she never seemed sad or worried. Her circle never noticed a change in her demeanor (source here). This is strange, considering that if I didn't know where my daughter was, the last thing I would feel like doing is dancing at a club.

​4. Suspicious searches on the family computer.

Among chloroform, "neck breaking" and "how to make weapons out of household objects" was also searched. Defense attorney Jose Baez pointed out that whoever searched for those things didn't stay on the pages for long, only seconds. He also said that whoever searched for those things might have been trying to educate themselves on self-defense, as that was searched as well (source here).

There was also an argument by the defense that it was George Anthony who searched, including "foolproof suffocation." George had been depressed and looking to kill himself. While George actually did attempt suicide after Caylee went missing, this had nothing to do with the searches. Further investigation by former prosecutor Marcia Clark found that George had been out of the house at the time of the searches, leaving only Casey as the culprit, who then deleted the history (source here).

Casey's mother Cindy claims she was trying to search "chlorophyll" and accidentally searched chloroform. Many speculate that Cindy was just covering for her daughter since Prosecutor Linda Burdick pointed out that work records show Cindy Anthony was also not home at the time of the computer searches (source here).

Cindy responded back that she was allowed to leave work when needed, and that work records would not show those absences. My question is, why was "chlorophyll" so urgent to search that you had to leave work? I believe Cindy Anthony was intelligent enough to know the difference between chloroform and chlorophyll, so this was a lie to help Casey avoid the death penalty.

​5. Traces of human decomposition found in Casey's trunk.

Orange County Sheriff's deputy Jason Forge testified for the prosecution, telling the court of when he took a cadaver dog to smell Casey Anthony's car. Cadaver dogs are specifically trained to ignore live human scent and instead smell for rotting or decomposed human remains. The dog "sat down near the rear bumper, which is the "alerting" stance to indicate the presence of human remains" (source here). He also reacted strongly when the trunk was opened.

Scientists conducted their own investigation and did indeed find evidence of body decomposition and chloroform in the trunk of Casey's car. A hair strand found in the trunk also showed evidence of decomposition (source here). This part truly makes me want to smack every single juror that was on that trail. CASEY HAD DEAD HUMAN FLESH IN HER CAR TRUNK. COME ON NOW.

​6. The defense made the claim that Caylee drowned in the family pool.

Okay Jose Baez, then why was there duct tape on the remains? Why would that be necessary if she drowned? And why didn't your client call 911 when she was supposedly discovered in the pool? Marcia Clark mentions this in her reinvestigation of the case, but these were thoughts I had myself during the trail (source here). No, instead what happened is, her body was wrapped and put in a trash bag and dumped in the woods. That doesn't sound like an "accidental drowning" to me. That sounds like getting rid of evidence.

7. The defense also claimed that George Anthony had sexually molested Casey and she suffered psychological damage from this.

I do not, and will never believe this. I believe this was a last minute ditch attempt to get some heat off of Casey. If you watch the videos of Casey talking to her parents, she repeatedly asks that her father only come to see her in jail. During the videos of her speaking to him, Casey seems relaxed and happy to see him. I don't believe that this would be the actions of a girl who had been sexually molested and abused by this man. Also, Casey lied about virtually everything in the investigation. I'm sorry, but this claim is hard for me to believe.

Of course, I cannot definitively say whether this actually happened or not, as child abuse is a sensitive subject to begin with. In my honest opinion though, I believe Jose Baez and Casey would have cooked up anything to make it seem like she was only a victim in all of this.

Not to mention, part of the defense's case was that George helped cover up Caylee's death as well. This poor man.

​8. The judge who presided over the case believes that Casey was guilty of something.

Judge Belvin Perry admits he was shocked that Casey was found not guilty. He states that he felt there was sufficient evidence to convict her, but also credits the defense for showing that there was room for reasonable doubt (there wasn't, but whatever). Perry also theorizes that perhaps Casey was using chloroform to sedate Caylee from time to time, and accidentally used too much (source here).

​9. Casey's own parents believe she's not completely innocent either.

In their interview with Chris Hansen, George and Cindy Anthony talk about their granddaughter, and how much they miss her. They also give their opinions on what really happened to Caylee. Was Casey innocent?

George: "I don't think she intentionally wanted to [kill Caylee] but she should be in jail because of Caylee not being here."

Cindy: "I truly don't think she killed her. I don't know if it was an accident, maybe Casey got distracted and she drowned, or what." Cindy and George Anthony interview here.

10. Casey "sleeps pretty good at night."

This was what she told the Associated Press in her 2017 interview. I'm sorry, WHAT?

Your baby girl was killed and thrown in a swamp. Her killer supposedly still hasn't been found. How are you sleeping at all? What kind of heartless monster are you?

Even her parents were shocked to hear her say that. "I don't get a restful night's sleep, I know [Cindy] hasn't for years," George says to Chris Hansen. Of course, they don't. These poor people tirelessly searched for Caylee and wore shirts with her face on it, desperately wanting to find her and bring her home. Casey couldn't care less.

Casey Anthony sleeps well at night because she got away with killing her child, or at the very least never felt sorrow at the fact that Caylee was gone.

So, what happened to the Anthony's?

Casey still lives in Orlando, with private investigator Pat McKenna. She is an aspiring family photographer (ick). Her and George do not speak, and she rarely speaks to her mother. She is also not in contact with her brother Lee, or his young son. He does not want his son to know his aunt (source here).

George and Cindy still live in the same house, where their lively granddaughter used to brighten their lives with her smile and hugs. They say the house is the last piece of Caylee that they have.

And what do I believe happened? Based on my studies of the case, here is my theory.

I believe that Casey cared more about partying and being a free spirit than she did about Caylee. I think she loved her daughter, but Caylee got in the way of her freedom. She might have seemed like a good, caring mother on the outside, but I believe she was not cut out for motherhood. I believe she let that show when no one was around.

I believe she was giving her drugs to sedate her so it would be easier for her to continue that lifestyle ("Zanny" the nanny was probably code for Xanax). She most likely also used chloroform. She gave her too much one day, and Caylee passed away. Once she realized what happened, Casey duct taped Caylee's mouth and nose to make sure Caylee wouldn't come to and scream. Or maybe so she didn't have to see the face of the sweet baby she just killed.

She then wrapped her in the blanket and trash bag and put her in the trunk for a little while. Once the smell became too much, she dumped her in the woods.

Once her mother started to pester her about Caylee, Casey created the nanny to explain Caylee's absence, both to her parents and friends. She kept up this rouse for a whole month, all the while knowing exactly where Caylee was. Casey blocked out what she did to her daughter, which is why she seems so composed and unbothered by Caylee being gone.

My other theory is that Caylee passed away in some sort of accident while Casey wasn't paying attention, and she covered it up. Either way, I know without a doubt in my mind that she knew Caylee was dead long before she alerted her parents that she was missing. And she knew that her body was thrown in a trash bag and into the woods. She's truly a disgusting excuse for a woman.

Maybe she misses Caylee sometimes, but she does not miss being a mother.

I think of Caylee Anthony often, especially now that I have my own daughter. I get so emotional and sometimes teary eyed, especially when I see pictures or videos of Caylee. That little girl didn't get any justice, and it's a sin. She was so cute, and I don't say that about a lot of kids. And not only is Casey Anthony guilty, but her attorney and those 12 jurors who helped her walk free deserve nothing less than what she does. It sickens me that they cared more about "evidence" than Caylee's memory.

I hope they feel horrible every day and night.

Oddly though, we should forget about Casey Anthony. She loves the fame and the attention, despite what she might show to the media. This was about Caylee. A sweet, innocent 2 year old girl, who deserved the free life that her mother now enjoys. Let's never forget Caylee, an angel gone way too soon.

Cindy Anthony: "The coolest thing that she used to do, if she got up before me, she would come in in the morning, creep in, and put her hands on my face. She'd put her face right on mine and say "Grammy, wake up."

George: "She called me Jojo. It's something I miss to this day. I miss her."

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