A Case For A Type 1 Civilization

A Case For A Type 1 Civilization

Transitioning Into A New Level Of Civilization Complexity Is A Solution For Our Current Global Socio-Political-Economic-Religious Civilization Model's Failures, Mistakes, And Errors

The history of humanity and civilization as of the second decade of the 21st century has revolved around the evolution of complexity. Humanity has progressed from the archaic Stone Ages, ancient Bronze and Iron Ages, the Renaissance era's Steam Age, the Industrial Revolution's Coal Age, the 20th Century's Nuclear Age, and the modern Digital Age to name a few. The commonality between all these different ages is the ability to craft new tools and acquire higher degrees of energy creation and harnessing. The terrestrial ages we have pasted through all lie within the auspice of a Type Zero civilization according to the Kardashev Scale. The Kardashev scale is a spectrum of analysis developed by soviet cosmonaut Nikolai Kardashev for calculating civilizations on a galactic scale. A Type One civilization is the minimum requirement of a species to reach to avoid extinction by establishing itself as a multi planet species.

If we examine our modern socio-political-economic model, the monetary-market system (as it will be described) is a failed attempt at a transitioning Type 0 civilization. The mechanism of civilization and the mental perspectives utilized by the current system was conceived with the intentions of perpetuating Type Zero ideals. Scarcity, private property, and policies of militarization are some of the prime examples of Type Zero mentalities. Some mentalities even actively reject the notion of humanity being capable of existing beyond our home planet. While others actively contradict survival for arbitrary ideas of wealth and profit that risks the collapse of the biosphere and the death of the human species.

The monetary market system arguably prevents the transitioning from a Type Zero civilization to a Type One. This prevention is largely through fossil fuel based petrocurrencies manipulating the global market system; rationing the planets resources in mismanaged and incompetent manners, and redirected up socio-economic networks towards private centers of power that operate hierarchically in a feudalized manner. This immature, unhealthy competition has deliberately stalled our development towards a Type One civilization; thus perpetuating the problems of our monetary-market Type Zero civilization.

We have the technology and means to not only raise living standards to beyond first class; we can even solve a vast majority of the causes of death, injury, and sickness. Soon we will have the means to cure nearly any sickness and injury; even curing biological breakdown and death. Those technologies will not be distributable to the entire population in a monetary-market Type Zero civilization; therefore the monetary market system is obsolete in its entirety. The fact that it not only fails to reach a stable complexity needed for the transition to a Type One civilization; it can not even distribute the very technological advances that justified civilization to originally form millennia ago.

The competition of the privatized powers in the monetary-market system actively works against the needed unified networks required for the Type One complexity. It is time to move beyond the current socio-political-economic-religious system in its entirety; no longer will its inefficiencies and contradictions restrain the human race from advancement into space and beyond.

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No, Your Political Views Aren't Always Wrong, They Just Aren't Always Right

"No one is as deaf as the man who will not listen." - Proverb

Violence. It is inevitable. Whether it is verbal or it is physical, it is happening around the world every day and it is a very sensitive subject. Something absolutely devastating happens and all of the sudden politicians are being questioned and those who aren't politicians, but think that they are, are now ranting on Facebook swearing up and down the walls that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

After the shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, I was at a loss for words. For an incident this serious to happen in what felt like my backyard was absolutely terrifying. To live in a world where this happened was absolutely terrifying. As families and friends of victims and survivors grieved on social media and on TV, people took no breath in expressing their feelings about the incident. From angry messages about the LGTBQ community and to the complete opposite side where those mourned for the LGBTQ community, arguments were all over Facebook. Opinions were all over Facebook, as they always are.

With the recent Las Vegas shooting the same thing was seen on social media as some felt strongly about the mental health of Americans and others cared deeply about those who were killed and what was going to happen next. Social media is home to many different political views as well as social views and the biggest issue, in my opinion, is that no one allows the opportunity for someone else to speak their mind.

Most importantly in my life right now, as well as the lives of many who surround me, is the Parkland shooting. This was absolutely horrifying, to say the least. It showed how unfair life was and how screwed up people can be.

Unfortunately, I have found on social media as well as on TV that people have lost sight of what truly matters right now as they are too worried arguing about their political views and making the statement that only their thoughts are correct.

Being a very open-minded person, I have read through hundreds of comments and watched my fair share of videos. I have heard Republicans and Democrats speak on the matter on gun control, gun safety, and guns in school.

Yes, I believe in the Second Amendment. I believe it is a right to carry a gun with the appropriate training and paperwork. Yes, I also believe that it has become way too easy to obtain such a powerful weapon.

Lastly, I believe that it is not the ease of buying guns or the Second Amendment itself that is leading to these terrifying events. It's the people of the United States and the way that they are raised today.

As Governor Matt Bevin said when he was younger, kids brought guns to school on a day to day basis and even more around the holidays to show off their new presents. People simply did not think about killing people. People were not terrified for their lives when they went to school or to a country concert.

Yes, you're allowed to have your own political opinions.

Yes, you can plaster your views and arguments all over Facebook and other social media platforms.

But stop and take a second to think about others views as well. Think about simpler times when your life didn't revolve around a video game or your cell phone or the latest violent movie that just came out.

When things were "simpler," there were not constant shootings at schools and out in public places.

Guns are not the problem. Do not be ignorant.

Realize that you can have your views but they may not always be right.

Cover Image Credit: Alex Radelich

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Let's Take The Politics Out Of School Shootings

So, please do not use school shootings as a reason to get in a Facebook fight.

The American dream is to send our beloved children off to school where they can flourish and learn. On the other hand, an important aspect of the American dream is the second amendment.

How shall we move forward so these two aspects of the American dream can coexist?

The answer to that question will not be discovered in my lifetime (or maybe ever). There is no way to save an entire country from horrific events like ones we have seen too many times. So, let’s stop focusing on which is the “correct” way to handle the situation and look at the broader perspective.

This week, social media is flooded with a variety of political opinions after the Florida school shooting that I would rather not explore. I am sure everyone is familiar with the different opinions that unveil after a mass shooting.

Unfortunately, we are too familiar with them.

I am a senior in high school who is hardly involved with politics. Putting political beliefs aside, I focus on the victims’ faces and names. I focus on their families. I focus on a school that will never feel the same.

The kids who passed were not thinking about politics during this tragedy. Rather, they were wondering if they would make it out of a place they considered safe, alive.

This issue is much bigger than a political debate. It is about hate in our world, a lack of love and a disconnect between ourselves and others. It’s not about guns. It’s not about mental illness. It’s about much more.

Rather than pointing the finger, we can all equally share the blame.

When social media turns an issue into a political debate, it’s easy to forget that children aren’t thinking about politics when they see their teacher, coach or friend pass away in front of their eyes.

So please, do us all a favor and don’t use children's dead bodies as a reason to get into a heated Facebook fight. That only spreads the hate. It is counterproductive. Rather than plotting against each other, we need to band together.

Cover Image Credit: Pixbay

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