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Carolyn Stout

The Alpha Girl

Carolyn Stout
Carolyn Stout

What is an Alpha Girl or an Alpha Female? Longman's dictionary of Contemporary English defines Alpha Female as ," A teenage girl who is the most important and powerful member of a group of girls who regularly spend time together. Alpha girls are typically confident, attractive, and determined to be successful". This is a perfect description of my friend, Carolyn!

I have known Carolyn, who I fondly call "King Tut", for a long time. We were classmates in kindergarten at Wilson School, elementary, middle and high school at West Allegheny School District.

You would think we spent so much time together, but that was not the case since we belonged to different group of friends. Carolyn and I only got closer during senior year in high school. If I can turn back the hands of time, I would want to be her BFF.

Go ahead, ask why I wished I belonged to her squad ...... because I grew up admiring the kind of friendship my mom have with her closest friends from high school as well as her "Hitad" group based in California. They have been very good friends, more like sisters, and it is the kind of bond - friendship goal that I aspire to have. It is so much like the kind that Carolyn shares with her BFFs or best friends for life.

They always did so many fun things together. They were all very popular, and they rocked social media accounts with their IG and FB posts. And just by looking at their pics you can tell there was so much love, friendship and camaraderie that bonded them together. They showed the world they are proud of each other. I guess the best part was that their parents were friends too, and they were all members of their extended families.

Carolyn's squad which includes Kara, Lauryn, Maria, Marissa and some of the WA dudes, belonged to the WAHS dream team having a combination of beauty, poise, academic excellence achievers and active participants in extra-curricular activities and their communities.

As fate would have it, King Tut and I were both in Mr. Eric Shephard's AP Econ class, National Honor Society, Prom Court (she was our Prom Queen), and we both graduated with Distinguished Honors Summa Cum Laude - Top 10% of the WASH Class of 2016.

This Alpha girl has achieved so much in high school: consistent Honor roll student, National Honor Society, Distinguished Honors Summa Cum Laude, Prom Queen, senior class Vice President, 12 letters for basketball, tennis, and track, and member of peer to peer empowerment.

At Penn State University - Main Campus, she is majoring in Early Childhood Education. As usual, she continues to kick ass by being a consistent deans lister, passionate about IM basketball and is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta!

I always knew she will do well in anything she puts her mind to. If I had an older brother, I would match him up with Carolyn. She is the perfect combination of beauty, brawns, brains - and is the kindest and coolest friend you will ever have. When we met for lunch during Christmas break, nothing has changed and I hope nothing ever will. We love chillin'! Hail to King Tut! Long live Carolyn Stout - The Alpha Girl!!

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