I am originally from Chicago, Illinois but one of my best friends is from San Francisco, CA. I had the opportunity to go to San Francisco again for my Spring Break before I graduate the UA in May. Even though I love my city Chicago, I love San Francisco as well. I feel so carefree by the Bay/ocean. When I look out the ocean, I hear seagulls and different birds around me, the ocean waves crashing, people outside exercising or walking, and last but not least view of the golden gate bridge. When I am by the ocean I feel stress-free, my worries are gone, and I am not thinking of school.

I am just enjoying myself with the city people and my friends. When I am in San Francisco, I stay at her families house which is nice because there is a view of the beach. I think to myself, what if one day when I am settled with a job, I can feel so carefree just as I feel when I am near the ocean. I grew by the lake in Chicago so anything with water such as the ocean makes me feel carefree. San Francisco's vibe is perfect. There are so many people downtown. I see all different types of people such as people going to work, nice stores/ restaurants open, all of the hills, charming houses, and views of the ocean. My heart feels so full when I am in a city especially San Francisco because I enjoy being around a lot of people and exploring the city. One of my favorite things to do is explore new things and San Fransisco has been one of them. You can see anything in San Francisco because it is a big city.

San Francisco is a magical city because the views are beautiful and there is so much to do in the city. I went to a nice restaurant that serves brunch called Home Plate. They serve really nice food for brunch and lunch. I had a nice sandwich with a pink mimosa. I thought their food and pink mimosas were delicious. It started my day exactly how I wanted to. I was able to visit Lombard Street again and see the breathtaking view with the ocean in it.

The other places I was able to go to were Fisherman's Wharf, Nob Hill, the Marina District, Union Square downtown, North Beach, and Fillmore Street. Fillmore Street was one of my favorites because my friends showed me a nice ice cream shop and I was finally able to try honey lavender. The honey lavender ice cream tasted like lavender but creamy and fresh. I was also able to see the Palace of Fine Arts and the Golden Gate Bridge at night time.

There are no words to describe, the city explains itself. People who live in the city are so happy which makes me smile and brighten my day. I love seeing people that enjoy living in San Francisco. My heart is so full and complete when I am in San Francisco and in a city.