Don’t Forget To Live In The Moment While You Capture It

Don’t Forget To Live In The Moment While You Capture It

Photos are great but living in the moment is so much better


Welcome to the 21st century, where computers are now small enough to fit in your pocket, every movie you want can be retrieved in just a click of a button, and cars have finally (almost) made it to the future of flying. Along with all of this, we also no longer have to have long conversations on the phone wondering how old friends are doing, we have social media for that. These days we strive to get the perfect picture to post on Facebook or Instagram to let our friends know what we are up to and just how cool our lives are, or how cool we can make them look. Now let's face it, who doesn't love a good picture.

Technology has made it so easy for us to pull out our phones and snap a quick pic. As great as this may be, some people are caring a little too much about their social media image instead of the world around them. For instance, going to the pool to get a tan leads to getting a picture of you in your new bikini showing off your body to those followers that you hardly even know. Your vacation planning not only includes packing but also look at Pinterest for cool artsy pictures you can take and post. And your phone has the luxury of seeing your meal before your mouth does, just so you can show all your followers how delicious your food looks.

While we are lucky enough to capture every moment, we are also stuck in this digital world that is living a better life than we actually are. You can't capture every moment and honestly, the best ones are usually the ones that aren't. After you get your picture make sure you are enjoying the time you are having with your friends, family, etc. It is important to put your phone down every once in a while and look at a view that's not blocked by a screen. You only have one shot at life so don't waste it living through social media because the real world is waiting for you and it is an amazing place.

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To High School Seniors In Their Last Semester

Senior year moves pretty fast; if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Dammit, you made it. The final semester of your senior year. You’re at the top of the food chain of high school, and it feels so good. You’re probably praying this last semester flies by, that you get out of town as soon as possible.

At this point, you’re calling teachers by their first names, the entire staff knows you by name, and you’re walking around school standing tall, owning those hallways. You’re convinced you’re ready to leave and move on to the next chapter in your life.

You’ve already experienced your last football game, standing in the cold in the front row of the student section all season long, decked out in your school colors and cheering loud and proud. That is, until they lost, and you realized you will never have that experience again. Never again.

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You already had your last winter break. Preparing and celebrating the holidays with your family, ice skating and sledding with your best friends. Those quiet nights alone in your room watching Netflix, taking for granted your loved ones just a few rooms away. Never again.

If you’re an athlete, you may have already played in your last game or ran your last race. The crowd cheering, proudly wearing your school’s name across your chest, giving it your all. For some, it may be the end of your athletic career. Before you knew it, you were standing in an empty gym, staring up at the banners and thinking about the mark you left on your school, wondering where on earth the time went. Never again.

I’m telling you right now, you’re going to miss it all. Everything you’ve ever known. Those early mornings when you debate going to first hour because you really need those McDonald’s hash browns. The late nights driving home from practice, stopping for ice cream of course, ready for a late night of homework. Getting food on a whim with your friends. Endless fights with your siblings. Your favorite chips in the pantry. A fridge full of food. Coming home to and getting tackled by your dog. Driving around your hometown, passing the same sights you’ve seen every day for as long as you can remember. Hugs from your mom after a long day. Laughs with your dad. And that best friend of yours? You’re going to miss them more than anything. I’m telling you right now, nothing will ever be the same. Never again.

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Before you start packing your bags, slow down, take a deep breath, and look around. You’ve got it pretty good here. The end of your senior year can be the time of your life; it’s truly amazing. So go to the winter dance, go to Prom, spend Senior Skip Day with your classmates, go to every sporting event you can, while you still can. College is pretty great, but it’s the little things you’re gonna miss the most. Don’t take it for granted because soon, you’ll be standing in a packed gym in your cap and gown, wondering where the heck the time went. You’ve got a long, beautiful life ahead of you, full of joy but also full of challenges. You’re going to meet so many wonderful people, people who will treat you right and people who won’t.

So, take it all in. Be excited for the future and look forward to it, but be mindful of the present. You’ve got this.
Cover Image Credit: Hartford Courant

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Lazy Days Are Actually Healthy For You

Lazy days can be productive too!


Everyone feels good after a productive day... Waking up early, working out, cooking some good meals, doing some homework. Going to bed feeling like you've made the most of your day is something that everyone loves and should strive for. However, how do you think about having a lazy day sometimes?

Personally, lazy days stress me out more than busy ones. I feel like a lazy day throws off my weekly routine. But after some research, I realized that lazy days can make you MORE productive throughout the week, and can be healthy for yourself.

The first thing to LOVE about a lazy day is waking up late. Catching up on the sleep you've lacked throughout the school or the work week. I mean, who gets seven to nine hours of sleep every night? Having a lazy day gives you a couple of extra hours to catch up on, which can be beneficial to your physical health.

Spending a lazy day listening to your favorite music or catching up on the newest episode of The Bachelor can help relax your mind and body. Even better, put on a good comedy. Laughing reduces stress (and can burn a few calories while you're at it)!

The best kinds of lazy days are the "self-care" kind of days. So maybe spend the day pampering yourself. Paint your nails, do a face mask, or take a long bath to help relax your muscles and mind. Maybe order takeout from your favorite restaurant and, while in the comfiest of your PJ's, enjoy one of your favorite meals.

Most importantly, don't feel guilty about having a lazy day. Embrace the day and instead of using negative energy to stress about future responsibilities, turn that into positive energy that you can use to nurture yourself and accept all the wonderful things that lazy days have to offer!

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