Puerto Rico's nickname is the Island of Enchantment. Surrounded by natural beauty, it is a tropical paradise. Of course I have a little bit (a lot) of bias being that my family is from the island, but let me ensure you that it is one of the most incredibly natural places I have ever seen. The island has a plethora of small, unique, and hidden gems that draw in the attention of travelers. Here is my glimpse of Puerto Rico:

Just one of the many beautiful flowers that can be found in Cidra.

Some of the world's most incredible beaches can be found in Puerto Rico. This is one of the many beaches of Vieques, a small island off of the mainland's coast.

One of my favorite spots on the island, El Mar Chiquita is a hidden gem in Manatí. On one side is a small, quiet beach with peaceful waves. On the other side, is the roaring Atlantic Ocean. In between the encompassing rocks, there are small pools with hundreds of tiny snails.

In Arecibo, you can find the Cueva de Los Indios (the cave of the Indians). If you're up for a good view, adventure, and a tiny bit of danger, this is a great place to find all of that.