Women's roles in television and movies have definitely come a long way.

Previously, women had no real representation. If a girl was a hero she was half naked and a part of a powerful group of men who overshadowed her if she even was a hero and not just a damsel in distress. On the other side of the spectrum, if she was super badass she was thought of as heartless or only like that because a man made her like that.

"Captain Marvel" shows girls that you can be a hero as long as you try. She is constantly getting up when she's been knocked down, fights for what she believes in, and stands up for herself even when confronted by an old mentor. She worked her butt off to become a strong and powerful woman (with a little help from an energy blast) and she is the most powerful being at least among the Kree and Skrulls.

At the end of the movie, Carol's "rescuer" challenges her to fight him without her powers and you know what? She does! She finally lets go and just takes him down with her glowing hands. She realizes she's been strong her whole life and doesn't need to prove anything to any man.

The movie also had amazing supporting characters like Maria Rambeau who is a single mother that stands by her friend even when she comes back, to earth, a totally different person. Maria also goes into space for Carol! SPACE! She's absolutely fearless and deserves the world.

Finally, Nick Fury. Not Nicholas, not Nick, just Fury. His mom evens calls him Fury, that's absolute commitment. He's another character that supports Carol, once he realizes shes for real. He follows her around and lets her run the show instead of trying to mansplain and get in the way.

Honorable mention goes to the real star, Goose. The coolest kitty Flurken around. He is a good boy and I support him in everything he eats.