Capricorns love differently

Loving with a Capricorn heart brings challenges every day, but the love we share with those around us is unmatchable.

Because we're responsible and take things seriously, we're always there for the ones we love.

We motivate others to succeed, and always make sure they're living up to their full potential.

If someone we love has what it takes to be a leader, we encourage it and help them thrive, so they can eventually reach that goal.

Capricorn women have natural maternal instincts, as we take care of those around us, no matter the situation.

If we see someone struggling, we help them overcome what they're going through so that they can truly live the life they desire.

We love fiercely and lead our lives with wisdom.

Although we may seem tough and have our guards up at times, we often have strong emotions and present those to our loved ones (in the best way).

Once you befriend or fall in love with a Capricorn woman, you'll have comfort in knowing the bond will last for a long time.

We are creatures of habit, and extremely loyal. Once you're in our lives, there's very little chance you'll be escaping it anytime soon.

We thrive on reassurance and affection from others, because oftentimes we're so focused on our career, that we forget to give that love to ourselves.

We can come off as intimidating at first, but you'll soon learn that we feel and think deeply. We are always thinking of ways in which we can do better not only in our professional life but in our personal and love lives as well.

We oftentimes struggle with love and friendships, because we give more than we receive, and we expect our relationships to last a lifetime.

Capricorn women are leaders at birth, so we're always making sure we're leading with love and wisdom.

We are often looked at as being boring or guarded, but the truth is that we have so much love and passion to give, as long as the right people come along and allow us to show it.

We are stubborn at times and have a hard time making decisions, but there's no hiding that once the love and connection is there, it won't leave.

If someone you love is a Capricorn woman, be thankful, and know that they chose you for a reason.

We may be tough, and we may be challenging, but at the end of the day, we love deeply.

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