The Cape is one of my favorite places on the world and I am so thankful to have grown up so close to it. I live about 45 minutes from the Bourne bridge and have always appreciated all of the wonderful places that are in the Cape. My favorite place is Provincetown which is located in the tip of the Cape, about 2.5 hours from Boston. Although it is pretty far to get to, especially if your only going for a short time, it is definitely worth the drive. Race Point Beach is the beach that I go to and you can drive your car right onto the sand. Although you must deflate your tires first, don't forget this or you will be stuck in the dunes for days. Not a good time when the sun is beating down on you.

Falmouth is the center of the Cape, kinda like the capital where Anejo's guacamole can be smelt from hours away and if you don't go to the Heights for the fourth are you even from Massachusetts, prob not lol. Oh, another thing, you will have tons of people from all over the country, and other countries whose parents grew up in Massachusetts that want to show their children a bit of who they are. You automatically understand that they also call the Cape their home. Woods Hole is where I vacationed my whole life with all of my mom's side, yes all in one house and she's one of 5. Those were some of the best weeks of my life. They also have the most divine bakery called Pie in the Sky that is a must go to.

Popponesst is the cutest little town over. I grew up going to the "Spit" as my cousins have a house there and two of my best friends. It comes alive in the Summer and the marketplace is one of my favorite places to go. Although I may have outgrown the mini golf and fun games to play at the picnic tables I still will always appreciate the fun I had there when I was younger.

The Cape has a beautiful quietness to it that makes it so unique and loveable. It has history and has been loved for a long time. It has that feeling when a place is lived in and its characters shine. I am so thankful to be so close to a place like Cape Cod. I hope to be able to go as I get older and one day shows my children a small part of where I grew up.