Traveling Is Good For The Moment, But Working Is Good For Your Life

Traveling Is Good For The Moment, But Working Is Good For Your Life

If you are feeling left out or sad about everyone traveling this summer, read this.


Lately, I have been feeling a little discouraged. From what I see and hear, everyone is out there living those lavish lives, having carefree trips, and amazing experiences. Some people live as though they haven't worked a day in their life. It seems that every time I go on social media someone is somewhere on the other side of the world in some fancy place doing this and that. Yeah, I am jealous. I would love to be touring around Europe than going in for another day at work.

BUT…I think to myself, you are so much better off than them. You wouldn't believe still, as being a young adult, how much some parents spoil their kids. A girl I went to high school with recently complained on social media that it was a 'hard two weeks at work this summer…when she only worked two weeks out of the whole three-month summer (her parents also spoil her rotten). Honey, I work basically full-time in the summer, do you see me complaining?

Though it may suck on missing out on some things, think of the experience and things you learn while just working. No matter what the job is, you gain people skills. Slowly learning a skill that is crucial to finding a career and maintaining one as well. You also learn what is like to have a boss. (It's a lot different to have someone else who isn't related to you to boss you around, you have to work hard, and put those skills of hard work mom and dad taught you to the test.)

Also, having an income is pretty nice.

The people who barely work are the ones who are in for (this will sound harsh) but a rude awakening. The older you get, the more is expected of you, and if you don't start working on yourself and making yourself a valuable asset at a young age, it will be a lot harder for you to climb up the career ladder than those who started earlier.

It also (I think) makes you appreciate everything that you have. For example, my dad bought himself a truck a few years ago. Where did the money come from? Obviously not trees. He had to bust his ass to be able to do such a thing. How did he gain the work ethic? From working his whole life and making himself valuable at a young age in order to find work. He wasn't just having his summers go to waste, going months without making money to go travel.

Don't get me wrong, traveling is really amazing, and I hope everyone gets a chance to see as much of the world as you can, but I just hope as well that you remember that you have a responsibility of taking care of yourself, and you have to be willing to make sacrifices in order to establish the rest of your life.

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10 Things You Know To Be True If You Live in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

"Take the B", they said.

For anyone that is currently living in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and or has lived there, you know it's an *interesting* experience. From the various food joints, to the movie theater, everyone's love/hate relationship with Crazy George, Emmons Avenue, the B/Q trains, the new apartment complex that some people love and others completely despise, and everything in-between, there's no other neighborhood that's just like Sheepshead. You know you're from Sheepshead when:

1. You've either spotted Crazy George somewhere out on the streets or in a random location (usually in Dunkin' Donuts).

Don't get me wrong — it's not funny that he appears to have problems, but it's also not ideal that he goes into various stores harassing the workers. He's a one of a kind human being and I do wish the best for him and/or that he does get some help.

2. When it comes to Brennan and Carr and Roll n Roaster, you either love one of them much more than the other.

As much as I love Brennan and Carr's Gargiulo burger, I'm more of a Roll n Roaster person. Their personal pizza is nice and their fries are to die for -- and yes, I want cheese on that, please.

3. You either love or hate that new apartment complex that's in the works.

You know, this one at 1501 Voorhies Ave.

4. You've become used to the B and Q trains either being delayed, messed up, crowded, and or nonexistent.

"Take the B they said. It's express they said." If I told you how many times the B has gone local, out of service, and or on fire in Brooklyn, then maybe you'd hate it just as much as I do at times. Don't even get me started about how crowded it is - especially during rush hour.

"What about the Q train?" The Q's not much better. It has its times where it goes express in Brooklyn as opposed to local, which doesn't help if you're getting on/off at Neck Road or Avenue U.

5. You either go to UA Sheepshead, another movie theater or don't even bother with movie theaters.

Although going to UA Sheepshead is convenient, their prices are very special for just an average movie theater.

6. You either stick to shopping and dining along Sheepshead Bay Road and or Emmons Avenue or go elsewhere either in the neighborhood, other neighborhoods, or to the city.

While they're both convenient parts of Sheepshead Bay, there are other parts of the neighborhood to go to, such as Nostrand Ave. Sometimes, it's easier to flock to other parts of Brooklyn, but there are times where going to the city is worth the commute.

7. You either shop at Cherry Hill or avoid it completely.

While there are other supermarkets in the neighborhood, Cherry Hill is the only one on Emmons that is open 24/7. Their prices might be high for the neighborhood, but their prices could be much worse.

8. You remember when Sheepshead Bay High School was one school...

...and not an educational complex.

9. You're still low-key bothered about how the neighborhood recovered after Sandy.

I'm not going to say that it was the same after the hurricane. Although it didn't take the longest time to recover, that doesn't mean that damage wasn't done.

10. But regardless of how you may feel, by the end of the day, you're probably still super in love with the neighborhood.

It's an incredibly unique neighborhood. You can take someone out of Sheepshead but you can't take the Sheepshead out of someone.

Cover Image Credit: Curbed NY

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Brighton, England: The Perfect Seaside Getaway

If you're tired of the London hustle, go to Brighton for the day!


Brighton, which is situated in southern England, is a funky beach town known for its overwhelming support of the LGBTQ+ community, pier and shops. It is the cutest town with endless things to do and see and if you are ever getting tired of fast-paced London, Brighton is the perfect place to go to reset, relax, and enjoy a nice day by the water. If you ever want to hop off a train and head to this wonderful little town, here are some things you should do.

1. Go to the Brighton Palace Pier

Emily Washbourn

Grab some food, play some arcade games or go on a roller coaster! Brighton Palace Pier is the heart of any beach town and has plenty to do for visitors of all ages.

2. Check out the street art

Emily Washbourn

Brighton has some pretty cool street art, so make sure to stop and snap a picture when you walk past it!

3. Go to the North and South Lanes

These "Lanes" are basically streets that are closed off to cars with endless shops, name brand and originals, food, coffee, knickknacks, etc. and during Christmas, have lights strung above!

4. Watch the sunset on the ocean

Emily Washbourn

Unlike the east coast in the US, you can watch the sunset right on the beach in Brighton! It truly is a beautiful view!

5. Grab some gelato at Boho Gelato 

Emily Washbourn

No matter what the temperature is outside, there is never an excuse not to get this gelato! It was so amazing and comes in vegan flavors so everyone can enjoy! I got the chocolate and strawberry, which I highly recommend.

6. Snag a photo with the famous Brighton snails! 

Emily Washbourn

As a way to benefit Martlets, which provides life change hospice care, these snails are all over Brighton. They are all decorated in their own unique way and Prince Harry and Megan Markle even took a photo with one while visiting Brighton! So make sure to snap a photo of your favorite snail to keep for the memories!

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