I Can't Say Tinder Never Did Anything For Me

I Can't Say Tinder Never Did Anything For Me

The tragically embarrassing beginning of my relationship.

Let me tell y'all about the first time I met up with my mans before he was actually my mans. I've been dating this dude for a little over a year and two months. Y'all probably think this is gonna be a mushy story, but just wait... y'all going to be shook.

So, I was never the dating type. Yeah, I liked to flirt with guys and all that, but dating just wasn't for me. It was senior year of high school and I was about to GET OUT!!! Tinder was a big thing and it was so fun. If y'all reading this, shaking your heads you better stop! I know y'all were on there too swiping and what not.

ANYWAYS... I was swiping and doing my thing when this boy matched with me and sent me some cheesy pickup line. I am a SUCKER for cheesy pickup lines. So I play along and all that knowledge for dang sure that this was not gonna go anywhere. This goes on for like a week and this guy really trine meet up and hang out. I was like "no, this homie gonna snatch me and sell me off." all kinds of crazy stuff.

But, one night I was at my best girlfriend's house and YOU KNOW we were both on tinder messing with these dudes' heads and one wanted to come pick her up and hang out. THIS GIRL SAID YES. No joke she was gonna leave me at her house while she snuck out. I was like heck no. If you going then I'm going. So we both leave. She goes with this guy to Sonic or something and I drive down to Coastal. It's the college in my hometown. I roll up dressed in an XL t-shirt and running shorts, my hair in a braid, and no makeup. I was the honest-to-God definition of raggedy.

Let me back up for a second — before we left my girl's house she got nervous and threw up. Okay, cool now you know I got sick because she did. Disgusting, I know, but this is crucial to the most embarrassing moments of my life coming up.

Back to the story — I pull up to Coastal and this dude waiting outside for me. I walk up and the first thing out of my mouth was "I just left this girl's house and we both threw up before we left, but I brushed my teeth!" I swear on my life y'all. I was so nervous I was saying whatever popped into my brain.

Bless his heart he just laughed. So we go and sit in the lobby of his dorm building??? That was awkward. I mean I wasn't planning on doing anything with him, but it was weird. So we're talking about our families and lives and all that and he asks me what was wrong with my legs...

Y'all I tried to shave my legs before I got there with a SINGLE blade razor and it cut off the tips of my hair follicles. It looked like I had leprosy. And my dumb mouth told him exactly that. No lies.

At this point, I just wanted to go. My dignity was in shambles. So we are heading back out to my car and he was telling me more about where he worked over the summer with his uncle. He was a plumber. As I was getting into my car my last words were "Alright goodnight GOLDEN PLUMBER BOY!" I swear if I could've made it happen I would've had the ground split and suck me up. I went back to my girl's house and contemplated plastic surgery to change my face.

But, months later we started dating — so yeah. The unfortunate thing is that this is not the most embarrassing thing I've ever done that he has looked over. God bless him for it. Maybe y'all will find those out another time. This story had enough embarrassment in it for now.

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A Swipe In The Right Direction

When you know, you know. You know?

They say that love finds you when you least expect it, and boy, can I vouch for that. Fall semester of my freshman year, I studied abroad in London, and as any girl would in a place full of hot accents and even hotter football players, I got on Tinder.

I had always dreamed of going to London and falling in love with a British guy who would sweep me off my feet, just like how you see in the movies. I went on a few dates, but nothing had stuck. About halfway through the semester, I just gave up. I figured maybe it wasn’t meant to be, maybe I wasn’t supposed to get swept off my feet. Not even a week after having this thought, I met Liam.

I had been talking to this guy for a couple of months, but I had never expected anything to come out of it. After all I had given up on British men. The first thing he said to me was that “You look like you’d be a good laugh.” He was funny, attractive and although I didn’t know it at the time, I was excited to talk to him. He had something about him that just made everything between us very relaxed and easy, and I had never even met him!

It was the week after I came back from Greece when we decided to meet up. We met at Victoria Station in the serial killers section of W.H. Smith (I thought it would be funny). When I first looked at him in person, the single word that popped into my mind was, “Wow.” He was even more attractive in person and his accent was to die for, and that was only the beginning.

I wasn’t nervous at all, which was shocking for me, actually all I felt was excited and happy to see him. We started off or date that Sunday by going on a tour bus, and yes, I mean the exact kind that you see in the movies. We got on, sat down and just talked about everything from what countries I had been to so far to our dogs that had passed away. It was an interesting conversation, but the fact that we could talk about stuff like that the first day of meeting each other was oddly comforting.

Five minutes later, we got off the bus partly because it was too cold, and partly because we didn’t care what Roman had built what bridge. We began walking around when we saw the London Tombs, and decided to go inside. The setup was a mix of a museum and a haunted house and he happened to be the leader, which resulted in me trying to hide in his sweatshirt when things popped out and him trying to shove me in front of him because he didn’t wanna walk toward the creepy people that had disappeared. Safe to say, we ran out of that place when we got to the end and saw the guy with the chainsaw.

Next, we got lunch at a coffee shop and we were in the middle of talking when he asked me on a second date. I couldn’t believe it. First, I had never had such a unique date with anyone, nor had as much fun on one. Second, we were only halfway through the first one and he had already wanted to see me again! I was so stupidly happy, of course I said yes.

Our next stops were the M&M store in Leicester Square and the tiny Christmas village, both of which consisted of him trying on hats to make me laugh and me taking pictures because it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up. It started getting late and even colder when we were walking and decided to go into this café that looked cute, and more importantly, warm.

It was the National Gallery café, and of course since the National Gallery is free, we went in and walked around. We laughed at the paintings, picked out our favorite ones, told each other very obnoxiously artsy opinions about what we thought was happening in each one. He even tried to touch one and got screamed at by security. We decided to leave after that and when we got back to Victoria, we stopped to get tea and ended up talking for another hour or so. Afterwards he walked me to my bus stop, we went in for a kiss, and I accidentally hit him in the face with my hat. We tried again and it was perfect.

I had never expected to meet a guy like Liam in all my life. He was interesting and exciting and being with him made me feel so alive. That same guy is now my boyfriend of three months. See that’s the thing, when you stop looking for love, it finds you. You can’t rush it, and you can’t let it control you. With him, I was completely myself and he loved that about me. You have to wait, and I promise good things and good people will come along and you will be so stupidly happy that you won’t even remember what it was like to not have that person in your life.

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Whats Wrong With Valentines Day

We have the wrong intentions!

Valentines Day is a day of much controversy. Some people love this day of flowers and heart, while others think it defeats the point of love.

I personally think it does both.

I love that we have special day to celebrate love. A special day to say why you love someone. I do believe that this kind of stuff should be said more often but it's nice to have one particular day where we are reminded to say that stuff.

What I don't like about Valentine's Day is the pressure to go above and beyond, often competing with other couples on who gets the better gift aka who has the most love. I believe Valentines Day has become a competition on who can buy the best gift. Stores have also increased that by putting out new fancy products and influencing the purchase of these items for Valentines Day.

As a society, we need to focus more on the person we are buying for and spending time with, not showing off what we are doing for them.

It's the thought that counts after all!

Cover Image Credit: Good Housekeeping

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