I really hate how if you like someone, you can’t be completely honest and tell them how you feel. You text someone that you’re into and say, “Hey, what’s up?” but you really mean “I have feelings for you and I think that this can be something great.” You have to hold in your feelings, because if you tell the person, it can come across as clingy and desperate. But it shouldn’t be like that. Liking and caring for someone shouldn’t be painted in a negative light; it is a beautiful thing, and should be celebrated.

I don’t like playing games. I like straight forwardness. I think it’s stupid that we put so much thought into how long you should take to respond to a text, you wonder if adding an emoji next to “hey” would be coming on too strong, or you are reluctant to tell someone you had a good time with them because you are scared to text first. I just wish we could tell people exactly how we feel about them and not have to worry about being too over-the-top.

As much as I would like to be able to express to someone that I'm interested in them, I can’t. But I don’t like having to pretend, and act like I don’t care when I care so much. We make love so complicated, when it doesn’t have to be. It’s simple — if you like someone, you should tell them, and if they like you, they should tell you. But this is the society we live in, and it makes love so unnecessarily difficult.