As most of us know, sociology is the study of origins, development and social behaviors of not only people, but organizations and institutions as well. It is the study of how people behave in groups and individually. When it comes to the question of the existence of God, there still is no solid answer to it. Therefore, sociologists do not often acknowledge the questions itself as there are no scientific methods that can be used to test the question.

The main question to address, is if one can have a relationship with God. Besides the fact that there is no way to prove or disprove the existence of God, is that firstly, in some cultures, a relationship with God is necessary to participate in the culture itself. Which means, having a relationship with God is deemed normal in certain cultures. Another key point is that certain practices establish the relationship with entities such as God itself, saints or spirits. Examples of these practices are prayers, which is the process of speaking to God, saints or spirits. Another major idea is that a relationship with God can be built and obtained if one believed in God himself.

Going back to the point that depending on the culture, a relationship with God is necessary and sometimes the norm in order to fit into that culture. He states that one has to be able to have a relationship with God not only to seem normal, but it is most of the time required in certain cultures. Being a part of a religion and culture, he makes a valid point stating that it is required to have a relationship with God in order to fit in or be accepted in a certain culture. Although we don’t have proof of the existence of God himself, the practices done on a certain basis establish the relationship we have with God.

Certain practices such as prayer, as mentioned before, are ways to establish the relationship one has with God. Not only does one speak to the entity itself, but one often looks for signs in our surroundings to confirm our belief and prayers to god himself. Based on many researches, it has been found that people who pray regularly tend to vent their feelings out to God instead of their family and peers. This gives them a positive behavior and by practicing forgiveness. Thus, addressing the question if prayer helps manage emotions since it has been found that many people use their prayers to manage their emotions, especially negative ones. Although there has been many argument claiming that prayer is an imaginary support system, it does allow the individual to release their pent up emotions, help maintain their self-esteem, and keep themselves on track.

All in all, there is definitely a way to create a relationship with God, meaning one can have a relationship with God. Although to some people, the idea of God might seem completely ridiculous, to others, the belief in hHm not only guides them through life, but also provides one with a sense of support and emotion management. People use God as an entity that helps them in times of need. Therefore, one can definitely have a relationship with God, but it is a relationship based on belief.