Can We Please Talk About Riverdale?
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Can We Please Talk About Riverdale?

So much drama!

Can We Please Talk About Riverdale?

Growing up, I was a huge reader and fan of the Archie comics. My dad introduced it to me when I was about thirteen years old, when he showed me his stash of comic books from when he was that age… including Archie. I would always cheer on Betty over Veronica, and cursed Cheryl Blossom’s name. I loved Jughead’s appetite, and of course loved when Josie and the Pussycats showed up.

Riverdale, however, is nothing like the Archie Comics I grew up reading. But, that is not necessarily a bad thing. This show has shocked me as well as enthralled me. So, let’s talk about this show!

First of all, the Archie comics are not nearly as dark as the show. There is a reason the town sign says the town has pep. Because Riverdale in the comics does. But this Riverdale is haunted by the murder of Jason Blossom (who doesn’t exist in the comics). I was constantly guessing who the murderer was, and I guessed wrong every episode.

Veronica was a big surprise on the show as well. Just looking at her, you immediately judge that she is going to be snotty and rude to everyone around her, and while we learn that she was that way in the past, she has worked really hard to start all over and be a source of good. I loved that. There are so many cliché’s of rich mean girls, and V totally broke the stereotype in a refreshing way!

Also something I loved was the relationship between Jughead and Betty. In the comics, there is a love triangle between Archie, Betty, and Veronica. Archie bounces between the two of them, unless Cheryl Blossom is involved, then Archie always chooses her. And while we see Betty show interest in Archie in the beginning, seeing her love for Juggie was sweet and just what the audience wanted.

Okay, now the questions we all have left after the finale: what the heck is going to happen with the Blossoms? Who shot Archie’s dad? Will Polly’s twins be delivered safely? What will happen with Jughead now that he’s a Serpent? What will Hyrum Lodge be up to?

Okay, so the Blossoms obviously are straight up crazy (so are the Coopers) and the last we saw them, Cheryl had burned Thornhill to the ground. We have all seen how cold Mrs. Blossom can be, and we can only hope that a new home will give the Blossoms the fresh start they need.

All of our hearts broke for Archie when his dad got shot in the final moments of the season finale. There are so many suspects it is impossible to even begin guessing, but hopefully he is okay because, how sad would it be if he died? I mean, come on.

The Coopers are straight up crazy. There is no getting around it, they are nuts. We can only hope that Polly’s twins are delivered safely and hopefully she eventually gets the heck out of that house.

So, Jughead Jones is now a Southside Serpent. It makes sense now that he’s alone. Will he give in to a life of crime? I think not. He has seen the trouble crime has gotten his dad into, and I don’t think he will do anything stupid.

As for Hyrum Lodge, we know he has been up to some shady stuff. And while Hermione is willing to welcome him back with open arms, Veronica is more cautious. I think she is right to be, and as an audience we should be too.

Season two premiers next month, and I hope that all of you fellow fans are just as ready to have the questions answered as I am!

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