There's one very important question plauging the internet world these days: can our Commander In Chief read? After I came across a very convincing Facebook video starring Samantha Bee a couple of days ago (those who are curious can watch the video here) I've become completely convinced that our President completely lacks the ability to read.

I'm definitely not the only one who thinks this could be true. Started by those over at Full Frontal, the #TrumpCantRead hashtag took off on Twitter over the week, and users across the country were happy to share their own opinions regarding Trump's level of education. And most seemed just as convinced as Samantha Bee (and myself) were.

But is this conspiracy theory started by Bee really that far off from the truth? Here I'll lay down some of the evidence for you:

In a taped deposition (watch the video I'm referencing here) Trump was asked to read from his sealed legal documents. Flustered, Trump repeatedly made the excuse that he "forgot his glasses" and claimed that he was incapable of reading the documents because he wasn't a lawyer. Seriously? Anyone could READ aloud legal documents. They weren't asking him to decipher them.

Samantha continues in her video, citing that the only book title Trump can recall when asked by Megyn Kelly about his recently read books is All Quiet On the Western Front. Later in the same super-stimulating interview Trump says, “I read passages, I read areas, chapters, I don’t have the time." (New Republic) Hell, it's also been said that other than reading "All Quiet On The Western Front" for the thousandth time, Trump really enjoys shouting out tweets to type at his staffers. Seriously. Trump can't even tweet by himself. This seems like a really capable and qualified man we've got running the country here...

Plus, let's not forget that one time in October of 2016 when he wasn't too happy when his teleprompters broke. After claiming to "like his speech much better without teleprompters" and believes that "reading off of teleprompters is draining" he then proceeded to completely break one of them. Or there's the thought that perhaps it's draining because he literally struggles to read off of them. Don't forget to listen to his rant regarding the companies that produce teleprompters, you can find the video here.

Bee then slams down her most crucial piece of evidence when she cites a study that reading improves empathy. And it doesn't take much to figure out that Trump is definitely lacking any kind of empathy at all....

In the meantime, I'll let you figure it out yourself: do you think our dearest President can read?