We Are Responsible For Campus Safety Too
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Student Life

We Are Responsible For Campus Safety Too

Events at Cornell reminds us how important it is to have the knowledge on how to keep ourselves safe

We Are Responsible For Campus Safety Too

College students all over the country are returning to their campus for another academic year. In a world that seems to be filled with bad things happening, it is important for students to understand various threats to their property and safety, as well as ways in which they can either prevent, avoid, or deal with these threats.

While many of us know about Cornell University for its great academic reputation, or even from various mentioning of the university by The Office's very own Andy Bernard, Cornell is now gaining attention for a very different reason.

Just before 2 am on Sunday (8/28) morning, officers were called to Cornell University and discovered that two students of nearby Ithaca College were involved in a large altercation on Cornell's campus. One of the students was treated for non-life-threatening injuries and the other student, 19-year old Anthony Nazaire, was fatally stabbed.

This recent event serves as a reminder to all students how important it is to know how we can handle situations such as these in order to prevent harm to ourselves and others. Here are 5 different ways that you can be proactive in defending yourself or others against threats.

Take a Self-Defense Class

Many campuses across the country offer their own self-defense classes for students and faculty, so check your school's event calendar to see when those classes are offered! A lot of the time these classes teach practical martial arts, especially MA that involves legs and lower body defense.

Carry a Weapon for Self-Defense

This defense mechanism, in particular, can be very tricky. It is extremely important to be aware of your school's policy on weapons and adhere to the guidelines that the school has set. At the very least, most schools allow students to carry pepper spray. While pepper spray may not have long-lasting effects, it can make the difference between having the opportunity to get to safety or not.

Never Walk Alone

Always try to use a sort of buddy system when walking on campus, especially at night. Also, avoid dark alleyways and other places that can house unsafe situations. If you can't find a friend to walk with you, many schools offer safety escorts so check to see if your schools has that service and use it!

Use Campus Safety Apps

Apps like Bluelight-Patronus

and Circle of 6

allows you to connect with contacts of your choice. You are able to share your location with these people, share when you arrive safely to your destination, and even request help from emergency services.

Start a Movement Against Campus Violence

Create an environment that is against campus violence. It is important to talk about these events and offer support to survivors of life-threatening or violent situations. Safety lectures are offered at many schools, giving students the opportunity to learn various ways they can stay safe on campus.

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