7 Reasons To Be Happy To Be Back At Curry

7 Reasons To Be Happy To Be Back At Curry

We're back at Camp Curry, and here are some reasons to be excited about it!

Aside from the reasons to be happy to be back at any college across the country (seeing your friends, and returning to your freedom) there are reasons specific to Curry College as to why we should be excited to be back on campus. Here's a countdown of the top seven reasons we should all be happy to move back in!

7. The soft serve machine in the Stu

Yes, ice cream is available outside of college, but there's nothing quite like the readily available soft serve machine in the Stu. All you have to do is grab a Styrofoam cup or cone, and press and hold the pump (vanilla, chocolate, or swirl) for a few moments, and you have delicious soft-serve ice cream that you can indulge in as frequently as you want. It's a great after-dinner treat we've all indulged in at some point.

6. The Stu in general.

The beloved Student Center is the heart and soul of Curry. It's where we eat our meals, work out, play pool, shop, get our mail, etc. The Stu is the hub of student life and nine times out of 10 when you walk in, at least some of your friends are there. There's always someone you know. It's comforting to have something so familiar and so central to our daily lives on campus.

5. Jools.

If you go to Curry, you know and love Jools, the favorite employee of the Student Center dining hall. Perhaps the best part about Jools isn't her always-smiling face and always genuinely asking you how you are today, it's that she makes an effort to learn everyone's name. It's a special day when Jools addresses you by name. We all know that if we ever need anything, Jools is where it's at. She's a Curry legend.

4. The Quad.

Although ours is probably the smallest quad you've ever seen, we all have to admit that it's beautiful. And from the hours of about 8 to 4 p.m., depending on the weather, there are people everywhere on the quad, whether it be walking to class, sunbathing in the grass, or sitting on the "smoking bench," you can find friends to talk to on your way to grab lunch.

3. The infamous flag poles.

The flagpole on the quad is perhaps the most popular meeting place on campus, aside from the Stu of course. When meeting up with friends after class or before heading down to dinner, the flag pole is the place to go and because of the two semi-circle stone walls, it's impossible to miss.

2. Coffee from the Stu.

Okay, the coffee from the Stu isn't the best, but we're college students — we run on coffee. If you go to Curry, you no doubt know these red insulated coffee cups or the clear plastic ones for the iced coffee fans out there. You see them about 100 times a day around campus.

1. Late Night.

Late Night is popularly known as the best food served on campus. Whether you love the nachos, cheese fries, or the fruit smoothies, everyone has a favorite food from Late Night. And you know that if you run out of "Points," your friend will be there to vouch for you and buy you your favorite treat. Going to Late Night is good if you missed dinner and are hungry, or if you just want a reason to get out and socialize.

We don't call it Camp Curry for no reason. The camplike feel of the campus really does make it feel like home. When we move back in, we will be hit with a wave of nostalgia and deja-vu, and wonder why we left for so long in the first place.

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To The Nursing Major During The Hardest Week Of The Year

I know that no grade can possibly prove what kind of nurse you will be. I know that no assignment will showcase your compassion. I know that no amount of bad days will ever take away the empathy inside of you that makes you an exceptional nurse.


To the Nursing Major During Finals Week,

I know you're tired, I know you're stressed, and I know you feel like you can't go on. I know that no part of this seems fair, and I know you are by far the biggest critic of yourself. I know that you've thought about giving up. I know that you feel alone. I know that you wonder why in the world you chose one of the hardest college majors, especially on the days it leaves you feeling empty and broken.

But, I also know that you love nursing school. I know your eyes light up when you're with patients, and I know your heart races when you think of graduation. I know that you love the people that you're in school with, like truly, we're-all-in-this-together, family type of love. I know that you look at the older nurses with admiration, just hoping and praying that you will remain that calm and composed one day. I know that every time someone asks what your college major is that you beam with pride as you tell them it's nursing, and I know that your heart skips a beat knowing that you are making a difference.

I know that no grade can possibly prove what kind of nurse you will be. I know that no assignment will showcase your compassion. I know that a failed class doesn't mean you aren't meant to do this. I know that a 'C' on a test that you studied so. dang. hard. for does not mean that you are not intelligent. I know that no amount of bad days will ever take away the empathy inside of you that makes you an exceptional nurse.

I know that nursing school isn't fair. I know you wish it was easier. I know that some days you can't remember why it's worth it. I know you want to go out and have fun. I know that staying up until 1:00 A.M. doing paperwork, only to have to be up and at clinicals before the sun rises is not fair. I know that studying this much only to be failing the class is hard. I know you wish your friends and family understood. I know that this is difficult.

Nursing school isn't glamorous, with the white lab coat and stethoscope. Nursing school is crying, randomly and a lot. Nursing school is exhaustion. Nursing school is drinking so much coffee that you lose track. Nursing school is being so stressed that you can't eat. Nursing school is four cumulative finals jam-packed into one week that is enough to make you go insane.

But, nursing school is worth it. I know that when these assignments are turned in and finals are over, that you will find the motivation to keep going. I know that one good day of making a difference in a patient's life is worth a hundred bad days of nursing school.

Keep hanging in there, nursing majors. It'll all be worth it— this I know, for sure.

So, if you have a nursing major in your life, hug them and tell them that you're proud of them. Nursing school is tough, nursing school is scary, and nursing school is overwhelming; but a simple 'thank-you' from someone we love is all we need to keep going.


A third-year nursing student who knows

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13 Ways To Beat The 'Sunday Scaries'

They may not have to be as scary as you think.


It's been proven that 76% of people in the US experience "really bad" stress on Sundays, this stress known as the "Sunday Scaries" or "Sunday Blues." I have experienced the "Sunday Scaries" pretty much every Sunday since I started high school. Then, I remembered an episode of "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide," in which Ned tried to figure out a way to not dread Mondays. He eventually convinced his teacher to play a movie on Mondays, which got me to thinking of how to not dread Sunday nights leading into Mondays. The following are 13 ways to turn your Scary Sunday into Sunday Funday.

1. Exercise

Whether it is going to the gym, taking an exercise class, going for a run, or simply taking a walk, do it. Exercise increases endorphins in your brain and benefits your physical health immensely. You will feel more productive and energized.

2. Eat well

Skip the junk food on Sundays. Junk food is loaded with sugars which can increase levels of stress and depression, and often leave you feeling hungry so you eat more. Eat a healthy dinner early in the night so that you go to bed full and satisfied.

3. Drink a lot of water

Drinking water not only throughout the day but also at night will help you to wake up more refreshed in the morning.

4. Go to bed early

I'm not saying you need 10+ hours, but get however many hours you need for a good night's sleep.

5. Write a list of what's on your mind

Writing out a list of everything running around in your head can help it feel less messy. When all of the to-dos are disorganized in your head, they can be overwhelming. By writing a list you are able to see everything that you need to do, and then it doesn't look as bad.

6. Watch your favorite show

Grey's Anatomy, Friends, The Office, Sunday Night Football, etc. Watching whatever makes you feel content and relaxed (although those SNF games can get pretty intense) is a key ingredient to relaxing for the upcoming week. Reading a good book is also a great idea!

7. Get your work done in the morning/early afternoon

Get whatever you need to get done in the morning and/or early afternoon. This way, you have the night to relax, you are not staying up late Sunday night to do last minute work, and you are able to get better sleep.

8. Plan something to look forward to on Monday morning

Plan to wake up early and make your favorite breakfast, listen to your favorite playlist, pick out an outfit you feel good in, go to your favorite coffee shop, watch your favorite show, or whatever gets you in a good mood. By having something to look forward to Monday, you are more likely to go to bed happy and excited to wake up in the morning, instead of dreading it.

9. Call your parents or friends

Call your parents, your family, your friends, etc. just to catch up. I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.

10. Listen to new music

This way you pay more attention to the music, the lyrics, the feel of it. You aren't able to push the music to your subconscious and think about all the stresses coming up in the week.

11. Write out your week in a planner 

Cry? Watch Netflix? Attempt homework? Check. Check. Maybe Check.

12. Set a goal to complete by the end of the week. 

Setting a goal allows you something to focus on that you want, not something that you need to do for others. This goal leaves room for "me time." Whether it be finding the time to watch a movie, setting up a fun night with friends, or cleaning the house throughout the week so that you don't have to do it last minute on Sunday.

13. Make stress your friend. 

In Kelly McGonigal's TED Talk, "How to Make Stress Your Friend," she explains how seeing stress as helpful can lead you to live a healthier life in two ways. The first way is that when you see stress as positive, although your heart still races, your blood cells do not constrict as they would if you thought of your stress as negative. This helps you maintain a healthier heart and decrease your risk of an early heart attack. The second way is that stress releases oxytocin, which makes you more social.

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