We've all been sick. It could range from a simple cough and a little congestion to those unfortunate enough to get the flu. No matter when you get it, what time of year, we are all always going to hate it. In my opinion, being sick is one of the worst feelings you could ever experience and I just so happen to get sick this past Sunday. And right before a midterm. Things certainly don't sound fun, am I right or am I right?

This past Sunday, particularly Sunday evening, I happened to develop a fever. While I did feel warm, I also happened to feel pretty cold at the same time. It wasn't a good feeling, but with cuddles, a couple episodes of "Teen Wolf," a good night's sleep, and a cold compress, I felt as good as new in the morning. Monday was pretty normal, up until my latest class which started at 8:10 p.m. During lecture, I began to experience the chills and ended up leaving a bit early in order to make sure I was OK.

After the chills had subsided, my fever returned. With some help, I was able to cool down the tiniest bit and stomach some Emergen-C. With the help of some ice and another compress, I was able to fall asleep. It was the same story in the morning: I felt better and all was OK again. But this time, it was only a couple of hours after I woke up that I began to feel warm, accompanied by some nausea and a cough. With multiple phone calls to my parents, I ended up coming home to avoid spreading whatever I had to anyone else. Turns out its just a virus, so I'm not contagious or infectious, but better safe than sorry!

Its been a rough past few days but I've had amazing family and friends who've been so supportive. They've done all they can to ensure that I was comfortable. Whether that be through checking in on me in person or over the phone, getting me a little pouch of apple juice, or anything really, I could count on them.

Even though I'm an adult, I'm glad that I'm still able to count on others to help when I truly need it. These past couple of days, I was the sickest I've ever been in my entire life, and it was great knowing that my friends were willing to run over to Hurtado or the nearest Rite Aid for anything I needed. My parents were also on stand by, constantly saying that they were willing to pick me up whenever if I felt too sick or uncomfortable. Rutgers isn't too far from, around 45 minutes, but it was good they had my back even though I'm not staying at home all the time now.

I guess the point of this article is just to thank everyone who was there for me. At this point, as I write, I no longer have a fever, and of my symptoms, only a slight cough and runny nose remain. I'm feeling much better. And its all thanks to the help of those around me. Without them, I would probably still be suffering from a high fever and the chills, plus the head and body aches, which all in all would be pretty bad. So a big thanks to my parents, roommate, and best friends for literally being the best people ever.