Calling All Single Ladies
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Student Life

Calling All Single Ladies

Calling All Single Ladies

Ladies, a new school year is approaching and our summer is simmering down. WVU Fall semester is just around the corner and we can only imagine what the single life will get us into. From the Fraternity parties and bar nights, the potential adventures of being single is endless. If you are newly single or have been for a while, Morgantown is the perfect location to live the life you want in your twenties. The reality of being single is not so bad. Now get ready to...

Let Freedom RING, Ladies!

  1. “Who are you looking cute for?” You do not have to feel guilty about rocking that red dress that hugs you in all the right places. 
  2. ”Just five more minutes”. You can take as long as you want to prep yourself before going out without having a guy nagging that you are taking forever. 
  3. TGIF. Every Friday gives you that little excitement that you might meet a hot new mate. Who doesn't need a “girls night” after a long week of classes and work? Most importantly, this also means no curfews and having to constantly check in with your significant other.
  4. You get your space back. Your dresser can be reorganized by season and style, your bathroom products (that cost you tons of money) isn’t being spilled all over the tub or unwilling shared, and you can roll around in your own bed and use all 10 of your pillows! 
  5. Sex isn't a boring routine. You can do it when and how you want it, with whom ever, and not after the football game is over or at 5:30 pm every afternoon. You also start to realize that he was not even that good in the sack. 
  6. Netflix. Being a couple you had to watch what they wanted or it would turn into a pity argument of you losing. Now you can look forward to that alone time of you, your laptop, and possibly a JimmyJohn sandwich. 
  7. Queen B Anthems. You can truthfully sing along with 30% of the rest of the Bar when the DJ plays “All the single ladies”, trust me it is more fun when you are actually single.
  8. Permission slips can be shredded. When a friend wants to go on a random trip to Pittsburgh, you do not have to double check with anyone but your calendar. 
  9. Your agenda becomes your agenda. Feel free to erase his birthday or any of his family events you were always dragged into. Fill it with Cheat Lake day trips, "Working Women’s Wednesday" happy hours at The Vintage Room, date nights at Bartini, and a spring break trip to Panama City Beach!  
  10. No more guilt in crushing. You run into so many new guys on campus, like that guy with the good hair in class, the sexy bartender at Fat Daddy’s, the guy running shirtless around the Downtown Campus, and the hottie at Panera, who gives you an extra creme cheese for your bagel.  
  11. No man, no problem. Nights out become much cheaper when you are single. Clubs want single girls so guys can buy them drinks, therefore without a man linked to you there is no paying a cover charge. You actually do end up scoring a lot of free drinks!
  12. No more Man vs. Food. You can put the pizza, chips, and brownies down now. You may not realize it but a guys bad eating habits become our own. Being single you can have your own grocery list and cook healthy meals. 
  13. First dates. Morgantown offers so many places to go on a first date. This is a good thing because you will have a lot of first dates. Some suggestions: Suburban Lanes bowling alley, take a nature walk at Coopers Rock, or go get sushi at Volcano Japanese Restaurant. A lot of free dinner and entertainment, comes with being single.
  14. Work Hard, Play Hard. Being back at college is a lot of fun. Being single encourages self-growth and being independent. You now have more time to focus on school work, going to the gym, and bonding with your sorority sisters!                                                                     

With that being said, pack your bags and get ready to come back home to WVU, as a fun and slightly rowdy, single lady.

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