Calling All Males: This Is How You Win A Woman's Heart
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Calling All Males: This Is How You Win A Woman's Heart

I am talking laughing-so-hard-I'm-burning-the-calories-from-the-cheeseburger-I-ate-earlier-until-I-have-a-six-pack laughing.

Calling All Males: This Is How You Win A Woman's Heart

I am a female, so I spend a lot of time around other females; with that comes gossip about guys, there are some positive and cute things that they do that women love, but there are also things that they do that tend to send women running for the hills. I really wanted to see what the general consensus was so I asked a few friends and family members...

" What can a guy do to win your heart?"

This is what I got....

"Never ask me to compromise my goals or work ethics for him because those are big parts of who I am...also by being a cook, or buying me food, either one as long as I get food."

- Saige (21)

" He can win my heart by bringing me on a camping trip somewhere. Like tenting. Super easy. Or just by cooking me food if that's easier... A cooked meal will get me every-time."

- Katherine (21)

" Hmm... Probably cook dinner for me."

- Anonymous (21)

" I'm a sucker for good banter, a sense of humor, and someone who teaches me new things."

-AHS (24)

" One way is by totally being upfront and honest about everything when you see that they're being honest it's easy to be able to let your guard down and let them in as you evolve as a couple as long as you can keep the communication open and honest it's so easy to be in love."

- Rebecca (48)

"Show interest in something that I enjoy, and be funny and caring."

- Anonymous (25)

" By not being the captain of the douchebag team."

-Anonymous (21)


-Anonymous (20)

" Taking the time to listen without trying to fix and making me laugh."

-SW (23)

" Make me laugh."

-Sarah (21)

" My advice to any guy looking to win a girls heart is to make the little moments count. A small burst of spontaneity and silliness can make the most powerful memories."

-Jackie (23)

"Take interest in what I enjoy and make the effort to be part of my whole life, not just my relationship with him."

-Claire (21)

"A guy can win my heart by being there through everything."

-Anonymous (17)

" Honestly, a guy can win my heart by showing that he respects me and cares about my well-being and takes a genuine interest in my life."

-JB (20)

"I have to say that one way a guy can win my heart is by being spontaneous. For instance, "let's go for a walk!" or "let's get ice cream!" having not planned to do so before. It shows that he cares and puts thought into spending time with me. Plus, the outings allow us to learn so much more about each other. Living in the decade of "Netflix and Chill" it's refreshing to see some spontaneous date having."

-Alexis (20)

" Don't go on tinder... Kidding... but, no really."

-NM (21)

" The way a guy can win my heart is just being completely truthful. Letting me know what the deal is from the beginning not only lets me understand where he's coming from but also makes me understand where I want to go from there. There's nothing I respect more than a guy that can let me know how he feels from the get-go."

- LC (18)

"Being good with kids and showing his fatherly side."

- Jessica (20)

"My high school boyfriend wrote me a beautiful poem for our first christmas. I cried when he read it to me. He proceeded to surprise me by turning it into a song and performing it in front of all our friends at school. I was sitting with a group of girlfriends and started crying again (happy tears of course). then, before i knew it, all my girlfriends were crying too! I knew I loved him at this point in our relationship, but the fact that I inspired him to create such a beautiful work of art really sealed the deal for me...I knew he couldn't write that way if he didn't feel that way, so that proved he was the "real deal". Although we broke up years ago and are now two completely different people, I still think about him every day."

- Olivia (21)

"A way into my heart is to not only be my boyfriend but to be my best friend. I want to be able to have fun and to share everything with them. It's not always about intimacy and attraction. I enjoy being able to have inside jokes, stay up all night talking about nothing, be able to sit on the couch in yoga pants and a sweatshirt and eat pizza and ice cream, and having someone to calm me down. To me, that's what's important. Being able to come home at the end of the day and not have to impress anyone!"

-SC (23)

" You can win my heart with laughter and support."

- Madison (18)

"I believe that humor can win my heart but making me laugh day in and day out is how a guy can keep my heart!"

-Anonymous (22)

" Cooking anything with cheese involved and telling me that I look pretty while I eat it with cheese on my face."

-Alexandra (22)

" In order for him to win my heart, we have to establish trust."

- Hannah (20)

" Honesty compassion and sense of humor. You don't have to impress me, just be yourself."

- Kimberly (45)

" Meet expectations. This means plans made, calls returned, and follow through with what you say you will do. Include me in your plans with your friends and act interested in plans with mine, occasionally make me a priority over other people."

-Megan (29)

"Don't forget my birthday."

-AB (28)

"Ask me what kind of juice boxes to keep at your place in case my blood sugar goes low."

- Anonymous Diabetic (25)

" Look up the word chivalry, everything that falls under that word including the synonyms, should be how you treat a woman and the key to success when it comes to winning our hearts."

-ES (21)

While some of us really like food, others want nothing more than for you to show us the true you. Sometimes life gets hard, and it is nice to have someone by your side with the knowledge that they are not going to go anywhere. Although there were parts that were supposed to comical, there is also a serious tone to them. A big topic of discussion among my friends is tinder; should your boyfriend have one? NO. NO and more NO. You don't need a tinder if you are happy with your girlfriend, that is at least the consensus that many come to.

For me, this is a loaded question, but after a few awkward dates in college, and the tool belt of men I have come across.

I think that the way to win MY heart is to be honest, be honest about everything, everyone makes mistakes in their lives and I would much rather hear it from you than someone else; tell me what you're looking for don't string me along, and A BIG ONE make me laugh, we aren't talking my awkward oh-that-was-kind-of-funny-laugh, I am talking laughing-so-hard-I'm-burning-the-calories-from-the-cheeseburger-I-ate-earlier-until-I-have-a-six-pack laughing - after all, all anyone wants to be happy.

Thanks to my friends and family that answered the questions, we can only hope the boys you are into read this, or that those of you that are in relationships continue to see these acts.

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