The Best Disney Clothing And Accessories From Cakeworthy
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10 Nostalgic And Stylish Disney Items You Can Get From Cakeworthy

Their clothing could rival Cinderella's glass slipper.

10 Nostalgic And Stylish Disney Items You Can Get From Cakeworthy

For those who don't know, Cakeworthy is a brand launched in 2011 that is devoted to bringing fantastic fan-inspired fashion to people everywhere; FYI, they really succeed at doing so. Filled to the brim with bold colors, glitter, and cute accessories, Cakeworthy's merchandise will have any fan on the edge of their seats, staring at the screen in envy. Check this list for their must-haves.

1. Minnie Pop T-Shirt Dress

Simple and versatile, with a pattern as cute as Minnie herself, this T-shirt dress is the perfect piece to spruce up any wardrobe. Got a bunch of basic, flat colors in your outfit? Throw in this pattern piece to complete it.

2. Dopey Diamond Pin

When it comes to Disney merchandise, some movies get more than others and in my personal opinion, when you find merchandise for the seven dwarfs, you take it. So, this Dopey pin depicting the famous diamond-eyes shot is a must.

3. Mulan Logo Hat

Logos are tough to work with, often they just distract from an item's overall quality, but Cakeworthy knows how to make them pop. This Mulan hat is literally only the logo, which means the hat's only purpose is to convey the logo — aka conveying Disney's Mulan. There are no characters, so the consumer is free to think of anything from the movie when they look at the hat. Plus, the color scheme is wonderful.

4. Neverland Denim Jacket

Getting a very '90s grunge crossed with a pinch of pixie dust vibes here. This denim jacket adds a fan-reference that no one will ever be disappointed with. Business in the front, fan in the back.

5. Mickey Ice Cream Cross Body Purse

I won't exaggerate, some things work in real life and some things work for photos. But this purse? This purse works for photos, in real life, in front of the purple wall, while holding a real Mickey Ice Cream Bar. You can see it, right? "Go on, live your dream."

6. Lion King Floral T-Shirt Dress

Another T-shirt dress and with good reason! The blown-up image of Simba and Nala set over a tropical print is both filled with '90s charm (no, really, I'm being serious) and is very pleasing to the eye. It's the perfect shirt to wear during the summer. Very loud but not brighter than the sun, which everyone will be grateful for since it's absolutely blazing outside.

7. Space Ranger Pin

I'm always a sucker for wearable fan-related pieces that aren't, at first glance, a fan-related piece. Only major "Toy Story" fans will immediately recognize that this pin is Buzz Lightyear's space ranger patch from his uniform. So if you like Buzz and Woody, and need something to get you through the workday, snatch this pin-up now.

8. Dumbo Airlines Passport Holder

Bright, blue, beautiful, and a sure way to make you smile during those early mornings going through airport security. No matter how far you travel, you'll have a piece of Disney with you!

9. Lion King Logo Hat

Another hat, and totally worthy of being part of this line-up. Not only does this also pass the logo test, but the pattern on the rim—with its funky shapes and muted colors—is screaming '90s throwback. The perfect accessory for "Lion King" fans and '90s kids alike.

10. Little Mermaid Crop Button Up

And now the last, but certainly not least, is the Ariel and Eric button up. One of the most popular Disney couples, Ariel and Eric take center stage on this blue and white pinstripe button up. Caught in a mid-kiss moment, surrounded by a seaweed heart, these two are sure to win the hearts of anyone who might catch a glance.

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