Feelings About C+ From A Professor Told By "Friends" Quotes

My Feelings About The Only C+ I Received From A Professor As Told By "Friends" Quotes

"WE WERE ON A (spring) BREAK!"


Math has never really been my best subject, which is why I throw all of my effort into achieving at least a "B" in those specific classes. This year, my first year in college, the steaks are even higher than just impressing myself. Because this year I get payed scholarship money for my grades that then goes towards my tuition. But only if they are ALL A's or B's. So after long nights of studying, constantly doing textbook work, and missing out on hanging with friends, I patiently waited for my final grades to be entered into the website. English: A, Spanish: B, but math? A freaking C PLUS! My heart sunk and I resolved that I would email him to try and reason with him for a B-. Not to be dramatic, but I was definitely going through some form of the stages of grief, and we all know what comes after bargaining. He told me he could not do that, and I wasn't surprised since his grading even for homework was extremely rigid in the first place. So I have to accept the outcome... but that doesn't mean I still can't be annoyed. So here are some Friends quotes that express these emotions.

1. When everyone around you gets the grades they wanted

2. When i'm looking over the easy questions I missed for no good reason

3. When I realize my grade expectations in college are lowering

4. When I embarrass myself while desperately trying to convince my teacher to raise my grade JUST A POINT

5. When my professor has the audacity to give me the bad grade even after pleaded with him

6. When I start to think i'm a failure at life due to this one grade

7. My reasoning to not try on the rest of the exams because of this one bad grade

8. My friends after i've been complaining about the grade for hours straight

9. No explanation needed

10. And finally, when I realize that not everyone is going to give me a second chance in life and i'll just have to try harder next time (#9 however, is still very valid)

This lesson is explained almost perfectly by the plethora of cheesy friends quotes. Although you put in the maximum amount of effort possible, and although some professors seem to have no hearts when it comes to being understanding... You just end up learning to try again and not let one grade discredit your work ethic.

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