5 Things You Need To Remember, From This Busy Girl's Guide To Procrastination

5 Things You Need To Remember, From This Busy Girl's Guide To Procrastination

Sometimes you are just too busy to get things done before the last minute, but hey, it doesn't bother you.


I just like you am the victim to procrastination. No matter what, I always seem to be doing everything at the last minute. I feel like it's the only time I have to do anything because minutes seem to fly by and the next thing I know I have an assignment due the next day. But instead of trying to break this habit, I've learned to relish and actually allow it to help me.

1. Know how long a task will take you 

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If I have two tasks I need to get done, and a short amount of time to do, I decided on which one to do first by the amount of time it will take. For example, If I have two things due around the same time and I know I can do one of them in a short time frame, I save it for that short time frame. If I have to write a paper and I am finishing it up until class starts, but I have an assignment due later that day, I will do the shorter assignment later. That way I know I have enough time for the longer assignment.

2. Be a positive procrastinator 

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There is a difference between procrastinating because you are in bed watching American Horror Story and procrastinating because you always find yourself too busy to find the time to do anything. If you suffer from the latter, because you work all weekend and have a million and one extra-circular activities to attend too, that's what I call positive procrastinating. Positive procrastination is something you can strive off of, it's really a gift so don't let it get you down. You can do it and really all you need is some last minute time management and you are good to go.

3. Give yourself false due dates on important things 

If you have a huge paper coming up and its worth 50% of your grade, write it down in your planner a week ahead of time. That way you convince yourself its due before it really is and you can have time to edit and make it perfect. This will limit the amount of "behind" you are and will allow you to get some task off your to-do list. My tricking your brain into the new date, you'll actually be ahead and allow for more time on other procrastinated assignments. You might still procrastinate up to the fake due date but hey at least you got time.

4. Some people perform better under pressure 

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This is really the story of my life, no matter how hard I try I always end up working on assignments till the last minute. I am frequent flier of the "Printing five minutes before class" plane. A lot of people don't understand why though, It's simple, it's really an adrenaline rush wondering if you are going to make a deadline. It's 11:58 pm and your quiz is due at midnight and you have one question left, boy does that just get you going. I get it. Some people really strive when they wait till the last minute, congratulations that's a life skill that you could probably throw on your resume.

5. Procrastination doesn't mean you have a bad work ethic 

Busy Girl

There is a lot of pros of being a professional procrastinator. For example, you are good at multitasking. You can get two tasks (that you forgot to do, of course) done at the same time. You are also a hard worker because you always have to work extra hard to get everything done all on time. There is also the fact that you can handle the pressure well, let's say you really do mess up a deadline in the real world, you have been procrastinating since kindergarten and can handle it like a boss, so it doesn't faze you, and that work project gets you promoted. You're welcome. Not to mention you also feel like a boss when you conquer your forever growing to-do list, and that's really a confidence boost.

Get back to work and just know, procrastination isn't for the faint of heart.

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9 Tips For the Disney College Program Application That Are Sure to Make your wish come true

Here are some tips to help you get accepted into the Disney College Program.


The Disney College Program is an opportunity for college students to live, work and take classes at Disney for a semester. In addition, cast members get amazing discounts, special backstage tours and events and great opportunities to network with Disney professionals. For any Disney fan, this program is an opportunity of a lifetime and a dream come true. In early March 2018, I was accepted into the program for Fall 2018 at Walt Disney World and I couldn't be more excited.

Since I had a successful application process, I'm here to offer tips to those of you who will be applying soon and will be future participants of the program!

To start off, there are three application steps: the initial application, a web-based interview and a phone interview.

The initial application goes over all the basics such as name, college, past job experiences, skills you've acquired in those roles and your preferences for the roles at Disney World and Disneyland. It can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 months to move onto the web-based interview. For me, I had to wait an entire month before getting an email for the WBI.

The web-based interview is a timed multiple choice/scale exam that determines how well you will fit in with the Disney family. This interview goes over what you would do in certain situations and to rate how well you get along with others and how friendly/positive/energetic you are. Disney is looking for positive students who get along with everyone. After the WBI, you will immediately find out if you are rejected or able to set up a phone interview. I scheduled my phone interview for a week after my WBI.

The phone interview is where the magic happens. This is when you can show the recruiter who you are and why you love Disney.

For me, this was my first time applying to the program and I had no idea what to expect. I found so many articles, blogs and videos that helped me understand what this process was like and what to expect, so I hope that these tips help YOU in being successful when you apply to the program!

1. Know every single role that’s offered before your initial application


In your initial application, you rank the roles you're interested in from high interest to no interest. Make sure you understand what the roles are and what each role entails. Prior to the initial application, I did my research and made a list of each role and my determined interest in it. This made the initial application go much faster and I was much more confident in the roles I was applying for.

2. Understand that the more roles you put interest in, the more roles the recruiters can look at you for


This can be both good and bad. Good because then you're more likely to be accepted, but bad because you may get a role you ranked as high or moderate and didn't actually want. It's completely up to you if you want to be picky about your roles, however, you have to realize with a limited number of roles, you may not get accepted. I had more than half of the roles in high interest and the rest dispersed between the other three. Since I had interest in the majority of the roles offered, recruiters had the opportunity to examine me for many roles.

3. Always use “strongly agree” or “strongly disagree” on the web-based interview


Disney wants you to be confident in yourself and your answers. For "I am a positive person," would you want a worker to just put "agree" or would you want them to answer "strongly agree?" Be confident that you're positive, friendly and hard-working. Be confident that you get along with others or that you can help guests with whatever they need. Be confident that you can be a leader.

4. Join Facebook groups


Meet other people who are going through the same exact thing as you. When I was applying, I didn't know anyone else going through the same process, so it was so nice to talk with others about the application steps, what to expect, what to know, etc. I even had the opportunity to Skype with a group of people who had phone interviews the same week as I did and we "interviewed" each other as part of our practice. Plus, it's super fun to meet others who are just as obsessed with Disney as you are.

5. Prepare for the phone interview


There are several websites and Google docs out there to help you with potential interview questions specific to the DCP. Some have role-specific questions, others have Disney-specific questions and others have more general questions you might see in a normal interview. During my phone interview, I was asked several role-specific questions, general questions about Disney and my past job experiences. Have a friend or family member ask you random questions from a list to help you practice which will help you feel more comfortable during the actual interview.

6. Write down the recruiter's name during the phone interview


By writing down the recruiter's name, you can thank him or her at the end of the interview which shows you're detail and people-oriented and professional.

7. Smile during your phone interview


I had a sign hanging on the wall during my phone interview that said "SMILE!" and the rumors are true: you can literally hear people smiling through the phone and the recruiters can witness your positive energy. Also, smile because you're being interviewed by The Walt Disney Company which is a crazy, magical, amazing opportunity that others can only dream about.

8. Make sure your love for Disney shines through


Yes, Disney wants someone who is passionate about their company and values, but WHY are you passionate about Disney? Share your Disney magical moments, share your dearest vacation memories, share the moment when you knew you wanted to participate in this program. The recruiters WILL ask you, "Out of all the internships and programs in the world, why the Disney College Program?" Be passionate, be authentic, be emotional. Disney is all about the feels and the magic.

9. Be yourself


Disney wants YOU! And you are energetic, passionate, hard-working, positive and willing to go above and beyond for a company you love and admire. Also, don't be nervous. Because Disney wants you, they want you to succeed. Let your personality SHINE and show Disney who you truly are.

Good luck on your application process, Disney lovers!

If you have any more questions about my application and/or program, feel free to reach out to me through my Odyssey profile under the "about me" section.

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Photo by: Kennedy Krause

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Yes, Mom, I Want To Study The Ocean When I Grow Up

I'm determined to make every child's dream my reality.


Throughout my life, I've been to the beach three times. I'm from a rural area in central Kentucky, and the nearest ocean is at least nine hours away. However, I remember each time I visited the ocean quite vividly. The salty water is an emerald green to crystal clear blue (it depends on who you ask, honestly), and it's always mesmerized me. The world's oceans cover 71% of our planet, yet we know almost nothing about what lies beneath the water's surface. The ocean has always fascinated me, but I never really gave it much thought as a child - I just knew that I loved swimming in it.

Career planning is a big part of any child's life, and I'm definitely not an exception. I've wanted to pursue many different careers - I've dreamt of being everything from a doctor to a lawyer, but none of those aspirations were based on doing what I loved, what I was passionate about. It's important to note that although I've grown up in an inland state, I've spent much of my life in water. I've been swimming since age two, and as a fourth-year swimmer and senior in high school, I'm now Varsity Team Captain of my high school's swim team. I'm very much at home in the water, and I see now the role that this has played in my future career endeavors.

I never thought about pursuing a degree in Marine Science until this past July, on vacation in Destin, Florida. I sat on a boat in the middle of the ocean, parasailing on the Gulf Coast in Florida like the tourist that I was when all of a sudden, a school of dolphins began to hunt in the waters around the boat. I watched them as they swam through the water, having most likely stumbled upon a school of fish that looked like they would make a great lunch. I was instantly mesmerized by these dolphins, and this experience spurred a passion inside of me that has always been there, I just didn't know it yet.

In the days after I arrived back in Kentucky, I began researching the Marine Science field and all that you can do in it. You can do everything from coral reef conservation to studying shark migration habits. You can travel the world studying the ocean and its inhabitants, and there are many more opportunities around the world than one might think. The world's oceans are rapidly deteriorating and it's vital now more than ever to study and learn about them so that we can better protect them. As wide and vast as the world's oceans are, it's easy to find something that interests you and with drive and determination, it's certainly possible to build a career doing what you love where you love.

As a second-semester high school senior enrolling at Troy University this fall, I've decided that I truly do desire to study the ocean, and I aspire to build my life around it. You see, I've never been one to want a job that simply pays the bills and pays well. Work should excite you - it should fulfill you and genuinely motivate you to be a better person. I'm a firm believer that if more people in our nation and the world woke up every day excited to go to work and loved their work, our world would be a better place.

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