5 Incredible Businesses Doing Good In Columbus

5 Incredible Businesses Doing Good In Columbus

Eat your chicken and support a great cause at the same time!!

Columbus is home to a multitude of social enterprises. Check out and support some of these local businesses with great causes!

1. Candle With A Cause

This unique company makes their candles out of recycled glass bottles and 100% cosmetic-grade soy wax. 40% of the profits for each candle goes toward their nonprofit partners!

2. Aunt Flow

For every box of tampons bought, this business gives another box of tampons to women in need. The creator and CEO is only 20 years old and a former OSU student.

3. Hot Chicken Takeover

Not only will you get amazing chicken fingers, but Hot Chicken Takeover hires employees who have been challenged by incarceration, homelessness, or poverty. They are then given support for financial stability, personal growth, and professional development.

4. The Roosevelt Coffeehouse

This coffeehouse fights the injustices of unclean water, hunger, and human trafficking locally and internationally-- plus they serve delicious cups of joe, pastries, and other merchandise!

5. She Has a Name

This cleaning service offers job training, employment, and empowerment to individuals in recovery from sex trafficking.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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A Minority's Response To 'I Voted For Trump, And That Shouldn't Change Your Opinion Of Me'

You can take that sticker off your laptop, I cannot take the skin off of my body.

Your privilege is showing, but I'm here to fix that for you.

Before I begin, I want to warn you that I'm not going to hold back. As much as I want to write "I acknowledge your opinion and respect it," or "this isn't a personal attack on you," I just can't. Why? Because it's much more than just an opinion.

The article I'm responding to can be found at this link if anyone cares to read or respond, like myself. As much as I don't want to give this article more publicity, I feel it's only fair.

I remember reading this article and sending a screenshot of it to my girlfriend when it was first posted on Odyssey. Since this was before I became a creator, all I could do at the time was converse about it and express my distaste for it. Now, I can finally say to you how this makes myself, and other minorities all across the U.S. feel. I want you to know that my words in this post will carry anger, pain, frustration, and sadness that first began to stem in November of 2016.

To you, this was an election, but for us? This was a battle for our lives.

One thing I need to say is that if you are not a minority, then you will never know what it's like to be a minority. The author claims that people look at her differently for a sticker on her laptop, BUT PEOPLE LOOK AT ME DIFFERENTLY EVERY DAY FOR THE WAY I WAS BORN. With melanin-enriched skin and curly hair, I write this to you to in hopes that you realize that you can choose who you vote for, you cannot choose how you are born. You willingly voted for Trump, I did not willingly choose to be a minority. You can take that sticker off your laptop, I cannot take the skin off of my body.

If you begin to say that this isn't a race thing, know you're wrong.

It is a race thing when leaders of the Ku Klux Klan endorse Donald Trump. It is a race thing when people are yelling to "build a wall" at people who some, mind you, were born here. You think your vote does not affect us directly, but you are wrong.

It's a race thing, it's a poor thing, it's a women thing, it's a gay thing, it's a minority thing. Why? Because the person you voted for has in some way, shape, or form, verbally attacked or enacted laws that undermine or make it difficult for anyone in that category to live their life the way they should be able to.

To you, and everyone who believes that this election was a not a big deal. You will never understand what it's like to apply for a job and get rejected because of your name. What it's like to walk into an elevator and see someone clutch their bag. To be judged for having a natural hairstyle like dreadlocks, or to battle with yourself for years because society does not idolize you; they idolize those who have oppressed you. If you don't understand the message yet, it's that if you voted for Trump and boast about it, it is taken as a personal attack on who we are as a people.

You may not believe everything Trump has said, but when you vote for him, we take it as you ignoring every terrible and dividing thing he has said. Ignoring every problem that people who do not look like you face because you do not face them. That is where your privilege plays a part in this, and I want you to know that we will not stand for it.

Now, I can't necessarily be mad at you for not understanding. As it's recognizable by your article that you have not faced the same trials that I have growing up based on my skin, I cannot be mad simply because you are different than I am. That, in my opinion, is morally wrong. What I can be mad about though, is that judging by your article, you seem not to care about anyone else's problems in this country besides your own. Because as I just stated, if you voted for this person, then we take it as you ignoring every single thing he has said or done to damage a community of people.

I cannot respect your vote because your vote does not respect me. As much as I'm all for loving one another, respecting one another, and working out our differences, I cannot say that to you. As you continue to proudly show the Trump sticker on your laptop, I will proudly show the "F*** Trump" button on my book bag.

Besides you, know that every person who yells his name, boasts a sticker, shows off a shirt, or proudly holds a sign with his name, is launching a personal attack on whoever is a victim of his disgusting words and actions.

So, I invite you, and anyone for that matter, to respond to this article. I want to know your opinion so that I can remind you of the role you play in the oppression of minorities all across the U.S. I will make it my job on behalf of everyone who feels the same way I do, to remind you of how we feel. Sadly, it is not a burden that I asked for, but it's a burden that I will carry like many others that you do not.

I'm angry, I'm a minority, and I'm tired of you, and every other Trump supporter's shit.

Even if you do not show it intentionally, know that I will not stand for your ignorance. It would be a crime on behalf of every minority who feels the same way I do, and myself, if I let this go any longer. For centuries, anyone who has not fit the idolized category of White, Christian, heterosexual, and privileged (in that order) has had to deal with the pain of oppression. It's time we spoke up, and it's time you understand.


A Minority

Cover Image Credit: Kory Longsworth

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Israel And Iran On The Verge Of War

The fulfillment of the biblical prophesy as stated in Ezekiel 38-39.

Iran’s suspected nuclear program is viewed as a challenge to the West and a nightmare for Israel, which vows to wage war to dismantle it.

Today's alleged Iranian nuclear started back in the 1950s as a civil and peaceful nuclear energy in a co-operation agreement with the United States. Between 1979 and 1986, the Islamic revolution froze it. In 2002 the United States accused Iran of building nuclear bombs in Natanz and Arak. Subsequently, the I.A.E.A (International Atomic Energy Agency) Director General Mohammad ElBaradei inspected Iran’s suspected nuclear sites. He determined that Iran is enriching uranium beyond the capacity of a civil nuclear program.

Subsequently, Israel’s nightmare has begun. A nuclear Iran would be a game changer for the entire Middle East. To maintain its security and its military hegemony in the region, Israel considered two options: war or the destruction of Iran’s nuclear sites. But Iran is neither Iraq nor Syria whose nuclear reactors were destroyed by Israeli airstrikes.

But the I.A.E.A’s report only raises some suspicion of an Iranian nuclear bomb that may be in progress. Thus far, nothing is conclusive and no hard evidence to anything. So why does Israel threaten to go to war with Iran? Israel opts for war as a means of preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear power. Netanyahu and others in his administration believe that a nuclear Iran would pose a grave danger to Israel.

From Israel's perspective, Iran is supporting proxies like Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist factions. Those groups regularly attack Israel with the support of Iran; Iran’s government denies the Jewish holocaust and swears to obliterate Israel. So Israel is contemplating military action against Iran for its own survival.

On the other hand, the Iranians also justify their enmity toward Israel. Their hatred for the West has spilled over to Israel because it is a staunch ally of the United States, which Iran views as the Great Satan. The hostility goes even further because of Israel’s occupation of the holy land of Muslims, an abhorrence that feeds right into the Iranian nationalism.

"The Iranians are fed up with Israel’s systematic targeting of weapon plants and the destruction of weapon transfers to Hezbollah. The targeting of Israeli planes is primarily an Iranian message to the Israelis that the rules of engagement have changed in Syria,” the source said.

In contrast, what concerns the United States and the rest of the world about Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons is the proliferation of nuclear technology in the politically explosive Middle East. Also, the West worries that Iran, an alleged supporter of terrorism, would supply the deadly weapon to terrorists.

Considering all these facts, Israel and the West predict that a nuclear Iran would create a domino effect across the board. The prospect of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East would be very likely. All these possibilities added to an already volatile region call for restraint, concession and peace.

In addition, the extent of the Iranian nuclear arsenal is unknown to the outside world. Even Mossad (Israeli secret service) does not know Iran's full military might. The Israelis probably bite more than they can chew or they are simply playing with fire. For example, the downing of an Israeli F-16 with the alleged assistance of Iran was a difficult lesson for Israel, not to say the prelude of things to come.

If Iran is attacked, the surgical strike it will unleash would be swift, deadly and probably nuclear. At this point, Israel needs to think twice before pulling off any military strikes on Iran. The stake is too high, and the risk outweighs the intended goal. Iran is a tamed bull, but a bull that cannot easily be bullied like other countries in the Middle East.

An Israeli-Iranian war would draw allies on both sides. Israel would be fighting alone until the urgency for a military assistance is felt where its major protector, the United States, would openly intervene to prevent Israel's defeat or to tilt the military balance.

Likewise, the Iranian proxies, Hezbollah, Hamas and other Palestinian factions would engage in combat once the first bomb falls on Tel Aviv or on Teheran. Israel would be fighting on several fronts. Neighboring countries like Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Lebanon (Hezbollah) would be fighting alongside Iran. Also, Muslim mercenaries and fanatics from Africa and all over the Middle East would join Iran in combat against their common enemy, Israel, in the name of Allah.

Ultimately, with the possibility of the United States intervening in that war, Russia, China and North Korea would probably form an alliance to counterattack the Israeli-United States coalition. Finally, what started as an Israeli-Iranian war would turn into a global conflict, World War III as the Illuminati had predicted. It is, undoubtedly, the battle of Armageddon. The fulfillment of the biblical prophesy as stated in Ezekiel 38-39 is about to come to pass.

“We are very ready for the possibility of a war breaking out, and it will be unlike any other,” said Ahmad, a Hezbollah sniper who spoke with Al-Monitor in Lebanon on condition of anonymity.

Cover Image Credit: Haaretz

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