On Tuesday, April the 15 The famous Notre Dam Cathedral caught fire. This horrendous event caught the world by storm. Everyone was shocked, and how couldn't we be? This was a monument of European history being destroyed before our very eyes.

All day yesterday the television news was covering the horrific story. Pictures of Cathedral violently burning circulated social media. There were pictures of the lost spiral and stained glass centauries old. It's a tragedy for anyone who respects history.

Updates about the spreading fires and the valent efforts of the firemen stopping it didn't go unnoticed. Fortunately, no was killed . No one knows what exactly started the fire and an investigation will be conducted to find the exact source of the fire. Yet it was suspected to be an accident caused by construction.

France is devastated, yet French president Macron pledges to rebuild the Cathedral. This is good hopeful news for all of us but it will never replace the history that was lost within those scorched walls. As a global society we have lost something meaningful. We have lost a piece of history; a piece of our global identity. This cathedral has seen so much and been through the ages. It's walls did talk and it spoke of a vibrant past.

Aspects of history has been lost. France has suffered a huge blow historically, but I have full confidence the cathedral will bounce back to it's former glory. We can't keep living in the past forever but we can move forward stronger and more careful. We can't take the tragedy back but we can be grateful no lives were lost in the violent fire. We can be grateful the bones of the building is still standing and there is hope to rebuild.

Yes, we've all lost something great On April 16, 2019. Things we can never get back. Yet, there is hope to bounce back stronger.