Bundle Up, It's A Cold World Out There

Since I am from Austin, Texas, I never really had to deal with real winter until I moved to West Lafayette, Indiana. It's like winter is completely skipped over in Texas because it doesn't get super cold. I've heard winter can get really bad here at Purdue and they rarely stop classes. Just this previous weekend, there was a big snow storm and the roads were slippery, luckily there's no school on Monday because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Otherwise, it would have been a real struggle to get to class. For those upcoming unluckily times, that snow can't stop falling, here are a few tips gather on how to deal with the cold in the winter.

1. Layer Up

Dress in layers. From sweaters to hats, make sure to bundle up because it's a cold world out there. I recommend wearing wool socks to keep the feet warm when there's snow on the ground. Gloves and scarves are good investment when it's windy outside.

2. Keep Your Bed Warm

Sometimes turning up the heat before going to bed doesn't do the trick to staying warm. To prevent from getting cold while sleeping is to use an electric blanket. Even a hot water bottle with wool or fleece cover works too. Just imagine how toasty your sheets will feel if you did this every night.

3. Humidify

Humidify your home because it keeps warmth and reduces dry indoor air. I learn that when I turn my humidifier on in my dorm, it increases the room temperature and won't have to turn the heat up all the way. This is a great way to save money on the utility bill.

4. Warm Up Fast

After walking in the cold for so long like in the snow or rain, don't stay in your outside clothes. It's better to change into something dry and warm. This prevents from getting sick due to the weather.

5. Eat More


It's true that foods can warm your body up. Try making a cup of hot coca or tea. Stay away from cold foods like ice cream because it will make you feel colder.

6. Exercise

Hit the gym and break out a sweat to stop feeling so cold. Get into the hot tub or sauna.

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