Bullying Is More Than Just Mean Kids At School
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Bullying Doesn’t Just Happen To Kids In School, It's Everywhere In The World

You would be shocked at how many bullies there truly are around you.


I hear a good amount of people talk about and post about how kids are getting bullied in so many different forms nowadays thanks to social media and such, and almost all of those people blame it on the kids from school... Maybe that's just what the media has portrayed the most, but it's far from true. Bullies are right around every corner.

First, let's define what the word "Bully" actually means... Bully commonly used as a noun defined as "a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker," According to the online dictionary.

Now in the definition, it talks about someone using their "power" or "strength" to bring down someone who is so-called "weak"... Power or strength can mean a few different things such as a person's position in a career or group, someone's attitude, authority, or their superior place in the weaker person's life. The weaker person is usually someone who is seen as shy, not as appealing in looks, has no authority, maybe not as smart or "too smart", or frankly someone who is just not liked by the person with power.

Does this sound like this could be only kids in school doing the bullying? No... Let's rethink who bullies actually are.

Sure it is true that there are huge, absolutely terrible problems with cyberbullying, bullying at school with kids around the same age, and why do they do it? Because they feel superior. Maybe because they're wealthier, more "popular," or have some sort of grudge against the other person.

So who else are the bullies around us? People a lot closer than you think. Bullies can be our bosses, significant others, teachers, co-workers, siblings, and yes even parents.

Let's take one of those for example... As sad is it is to think that a child's parent could be their bully, it happens so much more often than you think. I've heard parents call their kids lazy, annoying, idiotic. And I've even heard parents of other kids saying those kinds of things about another families kids. It's absolutely heartbreaking...

I've heard teachers call kids names and tell them they are a waste of "their time" and they are lazy and going to fail. But why? Why are these figures around us that are supposed to be supporters and inspirers bringing the "weak" down instead of up? I wish I had the answer.

It truly has broken my heart to see someone cry because a figure in their life has made them feel unimportant, worthless and less of a person than they are.

It's honestly pitiful that so many people think they have a place in this world to tell someone else what they're worth because they think they're superior and know more?

No. And let me just say to anyone who feels they have that place in someone's life to bring them down, you need to take a hard look in the mirror and say the same things to yourself that you've said bad about anyone else to them or behind their back, and then see how you would feel.

You can never take the place in someone else's shoes, so why act like you've walked miles in them?

Next time think twice about what that person has gone through or could be going through, because you could be the last straw, the final person to truly make they feel they have no worth or place in this world, and that is one of the most, if not the most shameful act someone can do.

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