18 Times College Girls Resonated With 'Buddy The Elf' On A Christmas Spiritual Level

I think everyone can agree that "Elf" is literally the best Christmas move out there.

Wait....no the best movie ever. It is wholesome and just amazing Buddy's journey through New York is really no different from our journey through college. We're all elfs leaving the North Pole and having no idea what real life is actually like.

Eat everything with syrup and sugar, check, think that everything is okay when it is not at all, check. See we're exactly the same.

1. Trying to walk anywhere on campus 

Sometimes you try to get hit by a car, because free tuition. But most of the time you do not want to actually be hit by a car.

2. Whenever you go home and your parents feed you for free

Free food is rare college. And a free, home cooked meal is even better

3. When you try to do anything on your own 

You think that you've totally got it, but you are oh so wrong.

4. When you see that one hot kid in your class

Do you know their name? No. But will you marry them one day? Yes.

5. Answering the question in class, pretending like you know what is going on 

You're not paying attention at all and the teacher calls on, so you have to same some random answer that seems right, but is so wrong.

6. Whenever a professor says "This will not be on the test" 

You know it's a lie, we all know that it is a lie.

7. Whenever there is a dog on campus 

Seeing a dog on campus is actually the best thing that can happen at a college campus

8. When you find out that YOU were the one with the lowest grade on the exam 

We've all been there, the teacher says the lowest is a 52 and you laugh at whoever did that bad. But then you get your exam back and it was you. You got the lowest score, you were laughing at yourself.

9. When you have to try to make a meal with the random food in your kitchen 

Sometimes it turns out great and other times you have spaghetti with chocolate syrup and sprinkles.

10. Trying to waste time when you're late to class so you don't have to actually show up 

You will do whatever you can to be even later to class so theres no point in going. Even taking 15 minutes to get on an escalator.

11. When you think someone is waving to you on campus but they are just waving to someone behind you

This is probably the worst thing that happens during college and even during life.

12. Trying to shower in the dorm showers

I don't understand how someone can design showers that are so awful and uncomfortable. I am not a tall person and I barely fit in there, how do people even taller do it.

13. When the professor says that it is on the syllabus instead of just answering the question. 

It is so simple to just answer a question, but no they have to act like angry elfs about it.

14. Whenever even the smallest inconvenience happens

Are we all super dramatic? Yes. But are we all crying instead? Yes.

15. Whenever you get even the smallest cut 

You got a paper cut? Well, time to break out all the band aids you have and call you mom.

16. Talking to your parents 

Yes, you just hung with them, but you're going to call them again. Because honestly I don't even know how to live without mine.

17. How college actually feels

Those revolving doors that just make you dizzy and you get stuck in them. Yup that is college

18. When you meet your college BFF

Finding someone who is just like you is one of the best things about college. Nothing beats your college bff.

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