Bring Back The Bucket List!

The last time I remember making a bucket list was back in middle school at least ten years ago. Could you imagine what kind of things I had on there as a pre-teen? *laughs* I can. I can assure you that 12-year-old me and 24-year-old me are two completely different people.

Here is a look into what part of my bucket list would look like. What would yours look like?

1. Skydiving

Just the thought of jumping out of a plane thousands of miles into the air scares the hell out of me, but I think it would be worth it. The thrill of feeling weightless. The thrill of 'flying' in the air as you plummet to Earth. I would try it at least once! We only get one life, so why not live it to the fullest, right?

2. Scuba Diving

2Scuba DivingPexels

There are no words needed to try and describe how amazing this would be. I bet it interests you more than my first buck list number. *winks* Any ocean children out there?

3. Publish One Book

Alright, my fellow authors. We all know how this one goes! I have six books in the works and they are all at various different lengths and stages. The hardest part about writing a book is finishing it. Starting it is the easiest task to tackle., wait...finishing the first draft without editing it in the process is the hardest task to tackle. *smashes head on desk*

4. Rave

Experience my first RavePixabay

There is just something about the base of live music that gets my blood pumping. As my husband puts it, I like the feeling of my heart about to explode. What he is referring to is the base flying from the speakers. *laughs*

4. Travel

Northern Lights - Aurora Borealis Pixabay

(I have actually been lucky enough to see these once in my lifetime. I believe I was about six-years-old at the time. Definitely something everyone should have the chance to see.)

I have this ache in my soul to travel to as many places as I can. I want to travel the world and experience mother nature's purest beauty. A beauty that many have long since forgotten. Waterfalls, caves, the ocean, mountains, forests, and so much more. Ireland, Italy, Japan, the entire United States. Everything. If we are still stuck on goals, then that is one of mine. To travel whenever and wherever I can from now on.

Hiking the MountainsPexels

5. Zip Lining

Ah, a cheaper bucket list choice. One I plan to cross off of my list this year (2019)!

For hours of zip lining and tours, there is a place not too far from me (Florida) that only costs $70. Now, you may be thinking that is not cheap, but when you look at it after researching skydiving, it is definitely more budget-friendly. O.o

Again, another option on my list that gifts you the feeling of flight for a few moments. To see the world in a different view than normal. A newer aspect if you will.

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