BTS Songs To Listen To On A Rainy Day

Whether you are an ARMY or have yet to experience BTS music, this list is for you. Give these songs a listen when the sky is grey and you are craving some great melodies and inspirational lyrics. You may be looking for something softer that matches the pale colors of the day, or a more upbeat track that can make the world seem brighter. Either way, you will feel comforted and happier listening to any one of these tunes. Happy listening.

1. Jamais Vu

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Sometimes all you need is a remedy. But at the end of the day, you won't give up no matter how rainy the world can be.

2. Mikrokosmos


"Starlight that shines brighter in the darkest night", this song will remind you that you are the star and you shine the brightest.

3. Magic Shop


Find your dreams again through this song, knowing that it may be a difficult road but there is magic to be found.

4. Euphoria


This song will make you realize your dreams are just across a clear sea.

5. Answer: Love Myself


Turn the dial on the radio on this song whenever you don't feel that love for yourself, because you have so many reasons to love yourself.

6. The Truth Untold


This song might break your heart, but sometimes you just want a sad soft melody on a rainy day.

7. Save Me


When you just want someone to save you (with good music?)

8. Scenery


If any song is perfect for the rain, it's this one. It was practically made for it, even the title.

9. Boy With Luv


When you want that burst of happiness, to dance in the rain to.

10. Fake Love


You really should end the day with their best song (facts only), but really you could just keep it on repeat.

Keep these songs in a playlist for the next time it rains and you are looking for some perfect rainy day jams.

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