Bruno Mars Is Back Baby

After waiting for more than four years for Bruno Mars to release an new ablum since Unorthodox Jukebox. If you are a Hooligan (aka Bruno Mars Fanatic) like myself than you know this was a long wait. Bruno Mars' released is ablum "24k Magic" Nov. 18 and it is already topping on itunes album.

24k magic seems to continue the same Funk from Uptown Funk. The songs on the ablum are a perfect of mixture of nineties R&B and funk. These are the tunes you are most likely to listen on a weekend night to get the party going and slow it down.

Even though the songs to not resemble his last songs, they sure resemble Bruno Mars' style and swagger. It contains two ballads, "Versace On The Floor" and "Too Good To Say Goodbye", that display Bruno's vocals . Not to mention Halle Barry on "Call all my ladies"

The ablum contains nine tracks that are sure to transport you and keep the party going. Also make sure not miss Bruno Mars in concert next year.

1. 24k Magic

2. Chunky

3. Perm

4. That's What I Like

5. Versace On The Floor

6. Straight Up & Down

7. Calling All My Lovelies

8. Finesse

9. Too Good To Say Goodbye

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