It’s common knowledge that when two people spend a large amount of time together they are bound to become the best of friends…right?

Wrong. Sometimes they get absolutely irritated with one another and want to rip each other’s heads off. This type of relationship is called siblings.

But sometimes as a pair of sibling grows up they put aside their differences and their bickering and they become best friends. For me, it just so happens that I’ve been blessed with the best brother I could imagine. My parents have given me a built-in best friend who has been around in my life from the time I was playing with dolls and teddy bears to the days of shaping into an intellectual adult. Here’s proof of why my brother is one of my best friends.

1. He’ll travel long distances to come see me

Whether it’s a trip from Pullman to Spokane or a trip across the Pacific Ocean, my brother will always drop everything he’s doing to come and see me. Even in a non-emergency situation, he will come see me even if it’s just for a quick dinner or a night of hanging out with friends. That’s true friendship right there.

2. He makes me a better person

If you were to name every positive characteristic there is, my brother would have all of those qualities. And, rather than forcing me to become a better person, he quietly (and without me ever really noticing) sets an example for me in all that he does. The way that he treats others would make Mother Theresa proud. He makes everyone in the room feel as though they are the most important person on Earth, and it’s inspiring how he can uplift a group of people as though he is individually doing so. He always encourages me to better myself and strive for success. He’s my biggest motivator and supporter, all at the same time.

3. Sibling rivalry is nonexistent between the two of us

Sure, I may joke around that I’m the better sibling and that I’m more loved. But rather than retaliating and dishing it back, my brother agrees with me and makes it so our rivalry is nonexistent. The two of us are so similar, but at the same time we are completely different, so we never have to worry about striving for the same goals. We continuously uplift one another to achieve our goals. I have never met someone who is so selfless, encouraging and genuinely invested in my success and achievements.

4. Even when I’m not looking he’s always paying attention

Even though I tell myself that he’s a boy that doesn’t care or doesn’t pay attention, he always has listened to what I have to say; the truth is, he was always listening, even when it seemed like he wasn’t. If I complained about a problem or something that was upsetting me, he would make sure to give me an encouraging text the next day to remind me that things would be alright.

5. Together, we make a great package deal

Of course, we’re siblings first, but we’ve gotten to the point that we’re genuine friends. We care about each other’s struggles and troubles. We are one another’s biggest fans. I’ve been lucky to have him as a sibling because he’s been around for all of my milestones, and now that we’re old enough we choose to hang out with one another and be real friends.

For anyone reading this, I hope you too find a best friend out of your sibling. I hope you see your sibling(s) as the greatest gift your parents could have given you. I hope you realize that days of fighting and bickering may not ever end but rather come to a more mature nature. I hope you confide in your sibling(s) and realize that in life, your family is what is most important. And most of all, I hope you find peace and harmony in one another.