Since entering college, the phrase "broke college kid" has become the one I hear the most.

After one visit to my sister's apartment, she packed several bags of food for me to take back to my dorm. She said, "You need lots of food. You're a broke college kid."

I said, "No, I'm not. I have a job."

I know my sister made her comment in a slightly joking manner, but I am not a broke college kid. I am far from one.

I'm in college earning a Bachelor's degree, an opportunity neither of my parents had.

I have a job. I earn, save, and spend my own money.

I'm dependent on my parents. They pay for nearly all of my college expenses: tuition, books, housing.

I don't have to pay rent. My parents pay for me to live on campus, and when I am not on campus they let me stay at home for free.

People older than me, like my sister, give me free food and buy food for me because they think being in college means I'm poor.

I'm not broke. If I was broke, my bank account would read $0.00. Mine is thousands of dollars above that limit.

College does not equal poverty. If you're in college, you have the opportunity to earn an education not everyone has access to.

Students calling themselves "broke college kids" sounds like an excuse to earn free food. After all, the youth are grown children trying to figure out where the free food is.