This weekend I went to BroadwayCon and it was this weird whirlwind of awesome. But first, let me back up.

You may or not know about the non-profit Broadway Dreams that I am working for. They are an amazing organization that coaches, develops and connects aspiring performers with industry professional inside the world of musical theatre. With a boss track record, I might add. In September 2016, I took over all social media efforts for the foundation, giving us a brand new vibe on all social media channels.

Several months ago, I asked if were participating at BroadwayCon and the answer was no but we should be. For whatever reason, I was given the chance, more or less, to set up for Broadway Dreams being at the event and take charge with the guidance of my two amazing bosses. The time flew by and BroadwayCon has already come and gone. It was the most stressful, busiest weekend of my life but it was absolutely incredible.

As a person who has been obsessed with musical theatre for the past decade of my life, this weekend was so special. Yes, there were lots of crazed fans, and, yes, some of them were off the wall. Can you blame them, though? I mean, this was their time to shine and let their freak flag fly.

I can just imagine how different my life would be if I was in high school and there was a nationwide event like this. It would have transformed my life. I would have been that crazed fan chasing after Jeremy Jordan's autograph and trying to collect every Lights of Broadway trading card in sight. (Side note: yes, I did join the crowds of people waiting around Jordan for an autograph but I did not stalk him across the convention center. Geeze.)

To all those kids who attended BroadwayCon and chased after the autographs and cried when your idols walked by, you guys are crazy theatre freaks. And I love that. You have passion beyond belief that will get you so far in life because you care, because you're different. That is a gift. You are a gift, and your passion will be put to good use. After all, I had no idea this would be my path yet here I am putting my love of editorial work, social media and theatre together.