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If You're A Broadway Geek, Here Are 6 Shows You Cannot Miss On Their National Tour This Season

6. "Miss Saigon."


It's becoming the most magical time of the year - new national tours of some of Broadway's best shows are beginning to tour! Here are my five picks of shows I'm extremely excited to be seeing.

1. "Dear Evan Hansen."

"Dear Evan Hansen", headlining former understudy from the Broadway production Ben Levi Ross as Evan Hansen, is the story of a teen with anxiety who creates an out-of-control situation when he fabricates a fake friendship with a teen who committed suicide and becomes viral. Can he keep up the lie, or will he have to confess?

"Dear Evan Hansen" has started their tour in Denver, Colorado, and will be touring until September 2019. There will also be $25 tickets available through the lottery!

2. "Come From Away."

"Come From Away" is the incredible true story of what went on on 9/12/2001 in Newfoundland when all flights were cancelled & ongoing flights were brought to Newfoundland and is an incredible story for all ages and any feminist. There's incredible girl power in this musical in addition to the story. "Come From Away" will be touring in both the US and Canada from October until September 2019. It is definitely not a musical to miss!

3. "Anastasia."

"Anastasia" is a real treat for anyone who was a fan of the 1997 animated movie. Though the animated movie follows Anya as the lost Russian princess who was believed to be a commoner for years after a wizard put a spell on her, the musicals talks more about the Russian revolution at its scariest time, and how that starts her story. "Anastasia" is a great musical for the feminist in its all, and has even started a huge political outreach since the musical had opened on Broadway, and will be touring from October to September 2019.

4. "Hamilton: An American Musical."

This might be the most highly anticipated tour of this generation, as getting tickets to it on Broadway is close to impossible. "Hamilton" is the story of the founding Treasurer on the ten-dollar bill and his life from when he started his political adventures to his death, and every person playing a character in "Hamilton" is a person of color, to show who's representing America today. "Hamilton" has already started their tour, and is currently set to perform until at least 2020 throughout the US and Canada.

5. "Falsettos."

"Falsettos" is the story of an out-of-the-ordinary family living in the 1980s during the AIDS crisis, and the story of a man who divorces his wife after finding he's gay. "Falsettos" is playing in limited cities from February to June 2019, and definitely is not one to miss. If it's not coming to your city, the full pro-shot with the Original Broadway Cast is available on BroadwayHD!

6. "Miss Saigon."

"Miss Saigon" follows the story of recently orphaned 17-year-old Kim who meets American soldier Chris during the Vietnam War and falls in love with him. When he's brought back to America unwillingly, she learns that she's pregnant with his child and tries to go back to America, but when she meets Chris for the first time in 3 years, she learns the hard truth of why he never came back for her. "Miss Saigon" is currently on tour until August 2019 and is for sure not one to miss.

These musicals are all so amazing, I might just go broke trying to see them all!

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