Broadcast Journalism Major

I'm a year and a half into college at this point so of course, I have been asked multiple times what I am majoring in. When I tell people I am a broadcast journalism major and that I want to be an anchorwoman on television or a news reporter, the responses I get are interesting, to say the least.

The most common response I have received is that "it is different and not something you hear of every day." Someone actually told me that "that's what a lot of kids say they want to do, but never go through with it as adults." Interesting.

I've also been asked, why on earth I would want to do that to myself. I understand that news companies get a bad rep' and don't always tell all of the facts. But that doesn't mean I should automatically get a bad rep' or be compared to those standards. I want to help improve the outlook of the news industry and I want to push for honesty and facts.

I shouldn't get "why on earth would you want to do that?" I should get "that's amazing that you want to make a change."

The last common response I've received is "what are you even going to do with that degree?" An important part of anyone's career is that there is security. Knowing that your job won't just hit a dead end one day. I most definitely have security when it comes to journalism.

The news will never stop if anything its platform is growing larger through the use of social media. On top of that, humans are never going to stop communicating with one another. I never have to worry about my job dying out or not being relevant.

So from now on, instead of looking at me like I'm crazy or asking irrelevant questions. Try putting yourself in my shoes and looking at the bigger picture.

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