Why We Love Brio On Good Girls
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Loving the character Rio, played by Manny Montana, is a guilty pleasure of most Good Girls fans. We know that men anything like Rio are dangerous out here in the real world. With that said, Good Girls is nothing more than a show that takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions, so we gladly go along for the ride.

Sprinkled amongst fan endorsement for "Brio" (Beth and Rio's relationship) are the occasional "It doesn't make sense, there is nothing good about Rio!" and "how could anyone support such a toxic relationship with him?" Some people even turn him down because they want Beth to be with Dean. If you're one of these Good Girls fans who simply doesn't get it, and allow me to explain.

1. Rio understands Beth 


Rio understands Beth in a way that nobody else does. I'm not just talking about Dean, but Ruby and Annie too. Beth isn't just the "good girl" they all see her as.

2. They aren't so different after all


It may not seem like it at first, but as time goes on, we see that Beth and Rio share much in common.

3. Rio is more than a two dimensional "bad guy"


Rio is basically Beth with some extra "work" experience. He also has a child who he loves and cares for. He knows how to live a relatively normal lifestyle. Rio just needs something more from life, though, and it turns out that Beth does, too.

4. He can see right through Beth


Well, most of the time...the back-and-forth games they play only heighten the intrigue of it all.

5. Rio gives her what Dean doesn't


I'm not saying that Beth needs a man in her life, BUT Rio gives her what Dean doesn't in more than one way. Plus I just loathe Dean. He cannot see Beth in the light that she wants to be seen.

6. Just look at him though... 


Okay maybe this isn't the strongest argument, but I mean, that smile...

7. Rio respects Beth


Respect isn't exactly the right word, but I think he learns to respect her actions and strength. He starts to see her as a competent partner.

8. Rio clearly cares about her


You can see it not just how they look at each other, but by how Rio is always there to save her. Many would protest him having feelings for her based on how he spoke in the car toward the end of season two, but that was clearly his defensive response to the way Beth manipulated him.

9. Rio's apartment


Seeing inside Rio's apartment helped reveal that there is so much more to him than just his crime boss persona. He has a clean, organized home with a son he loves (and who seems to be doing just fine). Also, don't get me started on how Beth felt his clothes in that scene...

10. The danger in him excites Beth


Maybe not so much in the beginning, but as Beth develops through the series, the intimidating side of Rio sparks something in her. Don't forget the scene where she literally fantasized about him breaking stuff in her room!

11. The feels


When we get Brio scenes, the feels are real. "Love" might be a strong word to use, but the way they connect is so much more than either a business or physical relationship. With their personal pride and even stubbornness, love will be hard for either of them to admit.

12. *See above*


I mean COME ON.

13. Are you convinced yet?


Based on the way that they interact with one other, it's safe to say than neither have experienced a connection like that before.

So to those of you who still aren't aboard the Brio boat...


Let's hope that Season Three will change your mind!

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