Bring It On: My Popcorn Is Ready
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Bring It On: My Popcorn Is Ready

8 Movies I Cannot Wait To See In 2017

Bring It On: My Popcorn Is Ready

2016 is coming to a close, but that doesn't mean that 2017 won't be as exciting as the year before. With the closing of each year, are things to look forward to in the coming year -- like movies! Thus, here is a list of eight movies that I'm looking forward to seeing opening day in 2017!

1. "Beauty and the Beast."

A live-action portrayal of a Disney classic. Oh yeah, I'll totally be there opening day. March 17, 2017, here I come!! *insert singing "Tale as Old as Time"*

2. "Transformers 5."

I'm a huge Transformers fan and a great fan of Michael Bay. So I am beyond ecstatic to see the newest installment of my beloved movie series! Autobots Roll Out!!

3. "Thor: Ragnarok."

Any movie that has Loki in it is something I'm super pumped for, but also the Thor storyline is fantastic, and I know Marvel will create yet another wonderful masterpiece.

4. "Power Rangers."

Oh yeah I'm not afraid to say that I'm excited to see the newest Power Rangers movie. Power Rangers were my childhood and I'm not about to forget that! Mighty Morphin Time!

5. "Kong: Skull Island."

Another take on a classic is sure to be an interesting watch no doubt.

6. "War for the Planet of the Apes."

One of my favorite movie series (as #2 states not my ultimate favorite though) I can't wait to see this storyline continue with even more action and graphics!

7. "Cars 3."

While I think they probably should've just stayed with the one "Cars" movie, I did really like the whole Lightning McQueen character, so this should be interesting.

8. "Pitch Perfect 3."

Aca-bring it on! Braden Bellas I'm rooting for you!!

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