Christmas at college sounds almost impossible with all the essay deadlines and finals coming up. Especially when your family is all home putting up the decorations and baking cookies. However, even doing a small thing can help it feel like Christmas while you’re away.

Decorate your room! Let’s face it, you probably spend a lot of time in your room, and it’s the place you come back to after a long day of classes. Invest in a string of Christmas lights and hang them in your room. If you have a little potted cactus, decorate it like a Christmas tree. If you don’t, go to the dollar store and pick up a tiny tree for you and your roommate to decorate! Even though you’re not at home, you can still decorate your dorm room!

Go to campus Christmas events! Maybe your campus does a traditional Christmas Day, or a “decorate Christmas cookies in the Cafeteria” day! Whatever it is, most college campuses try to bring the Christmas spirit to you.

Explore your town! One of the most exciting things is being in the city during the holidays. All the hustle and bustle of shoppers will get you excited! There also may be a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, or sales at the cute little shops downtown.

Speaking of sales, buy some Christmas presents for your friends and family! Even though you’re all broke, you can still get your college friends some candy or make them something small for the holidays. One of the most beautiful things about Christmas is giving gifts, so this will surely get you in the mood!

Go to a Christmas concert at your college! There is probably a 99.99% chance that your college or university has some kind of music program that is putting on a holiday concert sometime soon! There’s nothing like traditional Christmas songs to get you in the mood.

Yes, college campuses are stressful places leading up to Christmas because of finals, but there’s always a bit of room for some holiday spirit. After all, once you’re done with all the studying and testing, you’ll be on your way home. Merry Christmas to all!