When I was younger, I used to be in love with Taylor Swift, and when I say in love, what I mean is that I was obsessed with Taylor Swift.

I would turn on the portable radio in my room and listen to it for hours in hopes that “Our Song” would play next on our local radio station. When the song was not playing on the radio, I would be on the family desktop listening to it on repeat on YouTube.

On Christmas morning in 2009, Santa had finally decided to give me a gift from heaven itself – the newest iPod Nano in lime green. This was the newest iPod that had a rectangle screen, making it perfect for music videos. I hooked that baby up to iTunes and made my first purchase with the iTunes gift card that conveniently came with the iPod – the music video for Taylor Swift’s most recent hit single, "Love Story."

There is no doubt I watched that 3 minute and 56 second video twenty times a day. I mean, could a 12-year-old girl ever get tired of seeing Taylor run into her Romeo’s arms in an open field?

Taylor Swift’s Enchanted album has been my favorite album since the day I first heard “Fearless,” and her Red tour was the first real concert in an amphitheater I had never been to. Taylor’s songs were the perfect anthem to my teenage years, with each song telling a heartfelt story written by Taylor herself. I listen to her oldies sometimes and still sing along to every word.

With her most recent releases, I’m starting to second guess my opinion of Taylor Swift.

The transition to big curls to a short bob was enough of a change, and now when we listen to her old and new songs side-by-side, it sounds like two different people. She used to talk about sparks flying, dancing in the pouring rain, and fairytale-like love stories. Now, she sings about revenge and wearing her boyfriend’s initial on a chain around her neck.

The wait is over for her new album, but Taylor Swift fans like me can only hope it’ll be as good, if not better than the others.