For most, YouTube is an entertainment hub - full of irresistibly mischievous cats and trendy music videos. However, for some like 16 year old singer and songwriter Maisie Peters, YouTube is an outlet for her creative spirit and contagious energy. Joined in 2013, Peters has raked in about 22,000 subscribers on sheer talent. While her videos aren't averaging millions of views like the coveted Vevo YouTube royalty manages, many have tuned in to hear her sultry-sweet fast-paced lyrical masterpieces. Having been featured on the Ayala show, which showcases the best in live music, and winning her school's talent show with her original 'Electric,' Peters has all the key elements needed to go far. Describing herself as a "singer songwriter from Brighton who likes writing songs with too many words in them and prefers the term vertically challenged," Peters possesses both the depth and maturity of someone long out of school, managing to balance schoolwork and songwriting while still capturing the hearts of many with her colloquial mannerisms and iconic bangs. While she is starting small, I personally have no doubt Maisie is well on her way to stardom.

For me, Maisie's quick tongue and smart rhetoric is truly astonishing, especially when paired with her guitar and effortless acoustics. I don't often surf YouTube for originals because I find that some are too staged or well overdone - but exactly the opposite is true whenever I'm listening to her pieces. For anyone who is looking for something new that truly speaks volumes - or even for anyone who needs the extra push to open their minds to true talent, like me, Maisie's music is for you. Specializing in showcasing a full spectrum of emotions, perhaps one of her greatest strengths is her versatility in themes for music - as one week she can be singing upbeat pop and the other she's fully engrossed in the insightful message she's conveying with her piece -whether it's about relationships or expectations. Thoughtful and refined, Peters has crafted the ideal vision of raw, untapped talent - but the best part is that she didn't have to actually 'craft' much.

October 12, 2015

"But could you hold on just a little while
I sequence all my scribbles
Into novels filled with stars I’ll never send
Coz I’m essentially a writer
Who never seems to makes it to the end

The lyrics are pure wizardry. But just when you thought that she couldn't get any more adorable and relatable, you find this gem like I did - and hum it everywhere you go.

June 19th, 2016

I could not agree more - and you definitely don't have to lie to make us like you, Maisie.

March 14th, 2016

Not only does she write, sing, and play guitar, but she also directs and acts in her own music videos - singing only about toast while really subliminally hinting at what we're all afraid of deep down.

"Well you’ll still grow into a someone with a mortgage and a wife
Maybe she’ll be called Rebecca she’s the Love Of Your Life
And you’ll have three kids and a garden and I’ll still just be a three out of ten
And in the e-e-end
You’ll fall for those like Becca and I’ll just become another Facebook friend

If you're looking for more, Maisie just released another original, 'The One,' which can be found on her YouTube channel along with many other pieces, all of which I adore.


If you're interested in being more than Maisie's Facebook friend, be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram too.