10 Signs You're From the 908

1. Your high school looks like a small college.

Bridgewater-Raritan High School (BRHS for short) is huge, and the fact that it's a California-style campus just makes it feel even bigger.

2. You know that Central Jersey exists.

It's too south to be North Jersey, and too north to be South Jersey. What else can you call it?

3. You know where to get the best bagels around.

BDI in Bridgewater, NJ is and always will be my go-to breakfast place.

4. You know that Polar Cub is the place to be during the summer.

Undoubtedly the best ice cream around.

5. Your yearbook looks like a textbook.

Like I said, BRHS is ginormous. With the large class size, the yearbook is shockingly heavy and long.

6. You spent most of your middle school Friday nights at Bridgewater Commons.

When the best mall around is 20 minutes away max, you can't go wrong with going there when making last minute plans.

7. You have a lot of dining options.

Countless restaurants with diverse menus never get boring.

8. You've heard "Your town is so big!" too many times.

Yes, we get it. Can we move on now, please?

9. You're the perfect distance from both the beach and NYC.

Both are only about 2 hours away. what could be better?

10. Even though your town isn't perfect, there's nowhere else you'd rather live.

Even when I'm not there, Bridgewater will always be my home.

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