Brewery Tours Of The Triangle
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Brewery Tours Of The Triangle

Enjoy some of the Triangle's premium, authentic craft beer!

Brewery Tours Of The Triangle

Welcome to the Triangle: home of excellent cuisine, craft beer and live events and concerts. There are endless things to do, see and experience. In regards to the beer industry, Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill offer some of the best breweries in the state. Take a day off during the weekend with friends and travel to some of the best places for local and craft beer. From hoppy blends to porters and stouts, there are flavors and different brews for everyone!

Clouds Brewing (downtown Raleigh).

Clouds Brewing is a new bar/restaurant that solely focuses on craft beer. Using RFID technology you can start a tab and pour your own beer. The Downpour is Clouds' very own self-serving beer wall featuring 10 taps that rotate often to consistently provide new tastes and brews. Although this is not a tour, Clouds offers taste tests and private events for large groups.

Fullsteam (Durham).

Fullsteam, located north of downtown Durham, is a production brewery and tavern inspired by farming and southern living. The brewery produces traditional and specialty beers that include tastes derived from local farmed goods, grains and seasonal botanicals. The tavern and beer garden is open all week until midnight and until 2am on the weekends. The brewery is also strongly involved with local markets and beer events, including Beericana (event hosting 60 breweries and food trucks) this Saturday, Sept. 12.

Top of the Hill (Chapel Hill).

One of the most acclaimed beer collections brewed right in the facility, Top of the Hill is the ultimate brewery destination. TOPO, as we know, was one of the first North Carolina's microbreweries. Not only is this the perfect spot for craft beers, but Top of the Hill also offers Organic Spirits through their distillery including their very own vodka, gin and world-class whiskeys.

Triangle Brewing Company (downtown Durham).

This locally owned craft brewery offers full-flavored Belgian and American style ales, made with the finest hops and barley malt. Triangle Brewing company offers beer tours ever Saturday at 1 pm., including samples poured before and after the tour. Bring $5 and you are good to go! From grain to glass, you can experience the entire brewing process.

Big Boss Brewery (Raleigh).

Big Boss, located off Capital Blvd, offers brewery tours every Saturday of the month at 2pm. The company was started in 2006 serving light and dark ales. The tour is free with no reservation needed. Samples brews are offered at the end of the 30-minute tour for $1 each.

While these are only a few of the many breweries located in the Triangle, this gives you a better idea of how to spend your weekend!

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