Why Brendon Urie Should be Your Pop-Punk Bae
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Why Brendon Urie Should be Your Pop-Punk Bae

He's a creative genius, and so much more

Why Brendon Urie Should be Your Pop-Punk Bae

Panic! At The Disco has lost band members over the years and with the fleeing of drummer Spencer Smith leaving Brendon Urie a 'one man show', we thought the musical wonders of Panic! At the Disco were over. With their first debut album, "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out" in 2005, it was predictable Panic! At The Disco was a pretty odd band (see what I did there), but Brendon Urie not only returned, but he changed the sound of Panic! At The Disco to a more modern, techno sound. Brendon Urie always took part in writing or being the co-writer for Panic! At The Disco songs, but now Urie has full control of the writing process and the vocals he writes so he is fully capable of writing songs that show off his vocal strong suits. Not only is Brendon Urie a creative genius, but if that didn't convince you that Brendon Urie should be your pop punk bae, then here are a few reasons why:

1. He's the next Frank Sinatra

Urie has 'The Voice That Thrills Millions'. Not only does he have a smooth talking, virtuous voice, but his vocal range can go from bass to countertenor. The highest vocal pitch for males)! Also what's interesting about Panic! At The Disco is that the band originated out of Las Vegas, but Brendon Urie and all of his band mates at the time were too early to even see the shows. They wanted to stray away from the whole Vegas scenery, but now as Urie grows older he wants to stick to his roots and as you can see most of his music videos are Vegas based sceneries. Performing in his hometown, he's more passionate about his music, also it is different because the original members of Panic! At The Disco wanted to stray so far from that.

2. I think we all can agree he's very sexy

but he can class it up as well

3. His back flips are the best.

Brendon Urie's known to never disappoint with one of his legendary back flips at every concert.

4. A man with muscles and tattoos is awesome.

5. Him and his wife Sarah Orzechowski are relationship goals.

They were married in 2013 and remain as the cutest couple ever! For their wedding, Urie wrote The End of All Things off of his album Too Weird to Live Too Rare to Die for his bride, Sarah Orzechowski.

6. He's fabulous!

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