It's 2019, people! We shouldn't have to keep toxic people in our lives just to "save face" or keep things from being awkward. We deserve to live in a world with little to no toxic relationships, and that starts by letting the people who think and act negatively towards you and others go from your life.

Now that doesn't mean you have to be rude or disrespectful to end a relationship. You can still be civil and nice while also keeping your distance. Toxic friends can suffocate and drain your mental and physical health. The sooner you are able to let go of that kind of relationship, the more you can appreciate the good in yourself and in others.

In a perfect world, this would be easy to do. But unfortunately breaking up with a friend is a lot easier said than done. It's tough letting go of a relationship that meant so much to you for so long. But this is the year of understanding your self-worth and having your emotional, physical, and mental health comes first.

There's plenty of ways to end a toxic relationship, but the hardest and most effective way is to communicate and be HONEST. Lying and excusing why you have to leave a relationship doesn't help anybody. It only softens the blow of an already difficult situation, but it doesn't give any closure to what had happened. Don't be afraid to explain how you're feeling or why things went wrong in your relationship. And don't be afraid to LISTEN to how the other person responds. They might be feeling the same way.

This will be hard. There may be some tears and maybe some anger, but being honest about your feelings can start a conversation about how to heal the relationship and fix what had gone wrong. And if the toxic person in your life does not want to listen or communicate to your honesty, then you know you made the right decision to choose your self-worth over a toxic friend.