Facebook, I'm Sorry For The Harsh Break-Up, Will You Take Me Back?

Facebook, I'm Sorry For The Harsh Break-Up, Will You Take Me Back?

I never thought I'd want to get back with you but here I am.


FB. Such old friends.

Yet, we meet again.

I didn't think I'd ever scroll on you once IG and snap came along.

Now I'm getting bored and I want you back.

I dumped you so easily for the new and improved and I'm sorry.

I want to love you again.

From your videos that make me burst out laughing at the videos that make me burst out happy tears.

From your local news updates to your global news updates you always make sure I'm in the know.

From your delicious food videos that make me want to try new things to your groups that make me feel like I'm a part of something.

You always make sure I know what's going on with my family and you constantly remind me of the good times I had last year on this day.

You allow me to keep my pictures organized and keep in touch with old friends I otherwise probably wouldn't be in contact with.

You enable me to be myself and tell all of my friends and family how I'm feeling.

I see more than just a 10-second picture when I'm with you.

I see more than an edited photo and a caption kept in the notes of an iPhone with you.

Instead, I am filled with facts, updates, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Real life events and things happening in my city.

Job opportunities and even shopping.

You let me raise money for any fundraiser, charity or organization I want to raise money for.

You let me see the things my loved ones are doing live at any moment.

You keep me so easily connected.

You do so many things for me I never even imagined.

So with that, I'm sorry IG and Snap but my heart belongs to FB now.

Forever and always.


Your New, Avid User

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17 Things You Ask Your Roommate Every Single Day

Probably more than once a day, tbh.

Roommates. You either hate them or love them. But hopefully, they become your best friend and person for life. They become someone you just can not live without — and there are some things that you always say to them, like...

1. Can I borrow your shampoo?

2. Where are my keys?

3. Is it bad if I haven't washed my hair in 4 days?

4. *sends text from bedroom* "meet me in the living room."

5. Should I go to class, or watch Netflix all day?

6. Can we please go get ice cream, so I don't have to eat alone?

7. How often should one vacuum?

8. Will you put my clothes in the dryer?

9. Wanna drop out?

10. How long do eggs last past their expiration date?

11. Have you had dinner? "Yes..."

*gets mad because roommate ate without you.*

12. We should probably work out at some point

13. Do I smell?

14. Help. I need an Instagram caption.

15. Is it my turn to buy *insert grocery item*

16. Can I eat cake for breakfast?

17. Have I ever told you that I literally would be lost without you?

Cover Image Credit: Sydney Jones

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Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Go After Your Dream Job

"The world needs passionate people in every career path."


Do you remember the dream job you had as a child? You might have dreamed of becoming a firefighter, a nurse, or even a photographer. You told everyone you knew about this dream. As a child, the thought of giving up on your dream job would have never crossed your mind. So, why would you give up on your dream job simply because you are now an adult?

I know it may sound cliché, but I do have a dream job. In the future, I strive to practice as a malpractice lawyer and open my own law firm. It has been a dream of mine since I was young to become a lawyer. I don't plan on ever giving up on this dream. And I sure won't stop chasing after this dream just because I am now twenty years old.

I urge you to never be afraid to go after your dream job. No matter how many people tell you your dream is impossible to reach, always stick to your goal. If you are motivated, passionate, and driven to succeed, there is nothing that can stand in your way of your dream job. The only thing in your way is you.

The world needs passionate people in every career path. There is no set career path you are supposed to follow. There is no career path that is "most successful" or "most rewarding." The best career for you is the one that you love and that allows you to positively impact others.

There will always be people you encounter in life who will try to bring you down. They may say you aren't smart enough for your dream job. They may even try to persuade you to choose a different path. I firmly believe that we all have a different purpose. We all have a gift that we are meant to share with the world. If you let others determine what is best for you, how will you ever be able to share your gifts with the world?

You should never be afraid to follow a different path than those around you. We do not all have the same strengths, personality, or skillset. If we did, the world would be a pretty boring place. We are meant to have different dreams, skills, and goals.

As we grow older, we are often taught to stop chasing our dream job and choose the easy route. I think that as we grow older, we should also grow even more determined to reach our career goals. I'm not saying it is going to be easy to attain your dream job. There will undoubtedly be challenges you must overcome. There will always be people that stand in your way. As you chase after your dream job, you must be prepared to tackle these challenges.

Despite the setbacks you will face as you go after your dream job, never stray off course. If you are passionate about something, you should always go after it. Whether you want to be a zoologist, teacher, or a singer, never be afraid to pursue your dream job.

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